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Anatomy of a Highside - Photo Sequence

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Farab, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. So newby (me) looking at the photos and story there, to much throttle in the turn, back loses grip and slides out sideways, back suddenly gets grip again while still slideing sideways and throws the bike?
  2. yep, sounds like to much throttle with a bit of dust

    cheers devo for the explanation

    btw great set of pics
  3. That's it
  4. Man, was the photographer on the bike with him??? Never seen shots that detailed and that close.
  5. Sweet photos. Really really nicely done.

    Yeah the whole keep the throttle open thing works nice if you snuck up on the slide with nice smooth throttle on a predictable surface. If it breaks loose suddenly due to surface change or a bigger handfull of throttle, you've gotta shut that shit down ASAP or it's instant lowside with the bike spinning away. Of course that runs the risk of shutting it down a little late = massive highside, which is a lot worse. But by no means does holding the throttle open ensure happy days. It all depends on the slide.
  6. +1 paging racers, as I would also like further explanation.
  7. You can see in his eyes that he can feel it going wrong just before the big swing starts.
    That moment in time is called point Oh F#$k of a second
  8. F@ck me that was intense! What an awesome bit of photography.
  9. epic shots.

    If you're going to bin it, at least get photos.
  10. Photo 5 looks like he is drifting. I'd frame that one and not tell a soul about the crash!
  11. Edit: on firefox hold down ctrl and press minus twice then hold the pg down button and it looks like an animation.
  12. !@#$. i love this comment. its straight down the line no BS about how it is.

    nice post too! ive been victim of 1.5 highsides. :(
  13. Haha. Bored at home mate? How's the leg?
  14. See, thats what Im worried about on the roads. That looks like a hard landing on the right wrist.
  15. Although he has his knee down, almost all his body is still central to the bike. ie The bike could be a lot more upright, if he'd just get out there.