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Anatomy for beginners

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roarin, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Anyone else been glued to the tele watching this? SBS @ 10:30pm Monday nights. I stumbled across it by accident a couple of weeks ago & have watched every episode since. I reckon it would have to be the most fascinating look at the human body I have seen yet. Enough to put you off smoking & alcoholism. Well for me anyway. (not that I smoked to begin with)
    What does everyone else think?

  2. Yes, I too have been following this 4 part series.
    I have episode 2 and 3 taped if anyone wants to watch them. Next week is the final episode.

    I can't usually stomach watching those medical proceedure type shows, but this is very interesting, it's not like watching an operation, it is all calm, no panic or emotion and no blood , just like watching a butcher at work with a running commentary...LOL
  3. Okay then, looks like I only missed part one. Would anyone happen to have it taped? I suppose it will come out on DVD at some stage.
    Hehehehe. That German? dude sort of fits in real well does he not?
  4. Im hoping it comes out on DVD so I can get the full set too. I was at a friends house when I watched episode 1, that's why I haven't got it taped :(
    It was all about the skeleton, tendons (look like wet strings from my floor mop),muscles and they even got a brain and sliced it in thin slices with a deli slicer and layed it out in a long line so you could see all the detail and how it connected to the stem, and they removed the spinal cord from the head to the tail bone.Oh and they peeled all the skin off and revealed the fat layer and all the muscles.
  5. The german bloke reminds me of a cross between Heinrich Himmler and Dr mengele.
    Someone who would fit in well as a psychopathic doctor in a horror flick.
  6. Its on the same time I'm eating.....not really a good mix.
  7. totally love this series-- its rocks--- gotta luv the patholigist german guy-- he is so scary!!!!! i wish my lecturers when i majored in anatomy were this much fun!!! :LOL:
  8. when i saw the doctor i thaught it was Maurice Gibb back from the dead :shock: :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Missed the first ep but 2 and 3 were brilliant - the model they'd created by filling every blood vessel in the body with polymer then decomposing everything else was seriously impressive.
  10. cought some of it last night, so was the body they were cutting up real or was it a manequin stuffed with real organs?
  11. That was a real body that was treated prior to filming. The german guy, Gunther von Hagen, uses a method called plastination where fluids and fat in the body can be replaced with a polymer. In last nights episode for example the blood vessels were all filled with a red polymer. The rest of the body I think was just treated using formalin - which would have made the skin look the way it did. Some of the plastinated bodies he's put on display in the past are quite impressive - particularly the one of the dissected rider on a disected horse.
  12. ah yes, as in house on haunted hill, they used some of his plastinated bodies as props in the movie iirc