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An upgrade to the 'naughty corner'

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by black636, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. and the duck is strung up by its neck!!!! Wicked i must remember this for when i have kids...
  3. :rofl: And she looks like she's enjoying it :grin:
  4. The kid I can understand, but what did the duck do? :? :LOL:
  5. :rofl: gees never thought of that years ago :rofl:
  6. Well it is duck tape! :LOL:

  7. you mean duct tape??
  8. thanks for explaining Grommit's joke, JS, I'm sure we wouldn't have got it at all without your help :p
  9. Js in another thread thay talk about the exact same thing and you can get Duck tape. I believe it is in the UK.
  10. .. still stuffed the subtlety of the joke, though..... :evil:
  11. haha..my bad
  12. You know no-one on netrider does subtlety.... :LOL:

    Love your new av by the way...
  13. That's CRUEL!!!

    How could you let the kid be seen with a hair style like that? :bolt:
  14. Anyway, there's a school of thought that says "duct tape" is a corruption of the original "duck tape" - so called because it was fabric-reinforced tape.

    The fabric used being Cotton duck.


    Interestingly, Wikipedia mentions a difference between the meaning of "duct tape" in Oz and in the US:

    Wherever would we be without the internet? :LOL:
  15. cruelty!!!

    DOCS' guidelines clearly states only gaffa tape is acceptable as it can breathe, preventing blocked pores in children's skin.
  16. :LOL: Thats a keeper, & a must put up on the board of pics for that 18th or 21st party.

  17. MacGyvers love child?????

    Or hanging around at the MacGyver house
  18. And for the bubs who may be allergic to ducky tape:


    Behold, The Babykeeper.

    Just love the idea of a kid flailing quite happily about in one of these things like a manic octopus.
  19. I guess after you've practised on the rugrats for a while, you graduate to this kind of thing: