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An update On my music release....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Removed_User_5, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Fort those of you who supported my music and downloaded the track For $4 or something a big thank you.

    Just to keep you all updated. It is now number 1 for 3 weeks on the big Chillout/downtempo music charts all over the world.
    It has been given extensive airplay on stations in New Zealand, Us and UK and even Bankok.

    I will be getting reviewed on "resident Advisor" which is a biggy.
    Im waiting on getting my interview for Propellerheads in Sweden.
    So its all going well.

    If you have not downloaded the track yet Im sure a search on Google will put you to the correct place.



    will get you there.

    Thansk for all who supported my first Australian release and to the Non-believers who said your nothing until GOOGLE returns hits.

    Well for those guys go google it now

    J2D2 "spirit he gained to move on"

    Thanks all.
    Now I must go as my bath of single malt whisky is getting cold.
  2. Nice work you crazy bastard. :)
  3. congrats :grin: thats great news - wish you generous doses of future sucess as well :grin:
  4. Congratulations :) , Have you got any other future releases coming up ??
  5. AWESOME!!! Well done stookie. It's great to see you hit some very good success. Well deserved indeed, if this doesn't stick it in the immi dept. face then not alot will. I hope it's up there for another 10 weeks. Now when can we expect a second release???
  6. Well done ya lucky bastard!! :beer:
  7. hey STOOKIE

    SBS are running an advert in the last 3 days
    for bands to enter a new program
    AND they are also loking for a band to make a song for the coming games

    i thought of you when i saw it but couldnt find your thread

    i dont know if you get SBS but it is worth looking into .
  8. So does that mean you make squillions?
  9. Good Stuff - Can I have your Autograph :?: :p :grin:
  10. Sounds like its time for a film clip to be put up on Google Video....something like the numma numma kid.


    Nice work!!!
  11. This song?

    Couldn't find anything about the new program though.....unless you can remember the name and throw it into the search on www.sbs.com.au
  12. yep thats it

    sorry for the confusion but they also said there is a new program starting

    i will try and get the info about the band program they are talking about in the next couple of days
    i saw it while was watching rockwiz
  13. Stookie, never ever bathe in single malt, it does horrible things to your nuts :shock:
  14. Congrats, good buddie, you deserve your success.

    {from a true believer}
  15. Definitely. You can hear the work that went into that track.

    Now...when can we expect your next release, Stookie? :grin:
  16. That sounds like experience speaking. Care to elaborate.
  17. Enough to say many years ago I worked for a spirits importer, large vats and too much time... hic! :wink:
  18. :LOL: :LOL: Bloody scotsmen :LOL: :LOL:

    I saw a picture yesterday of something horrible done to a blokes nuts. He had an egg the size of a marble on his right nut. Let's just say i was at a paintball field and was looking at their picture collage/war wounds hall of fame. Needless to say i definately said yes to the 'would you like to purchase a box' question when getting my gear.
  19. well the next one is in production at the moment.
    I need to stop riding my bike and get to work .

    I was not expecting it to have done as well as it did but you just cant figure out the stuff some people will buy.
    Its gone off in UK and US and Im pretty certain that the next one will hopefully have as much of an impact now Iv created a name.
    So I will keep you all posted on the future releases.
    There might even be a gig or 2 coming up.

    I hate gigging..!!

    For Smee....Im making a bit but not squillions.
    Black betty......No. Ask my manager ? (Lil)
  20. Well done mate - whilst I know nothing about that style of music, I know it can't have been easy to put that together. You can be very proud of your effort.

    Live performance at next HQ event?