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An unusual opportunity ... 2015 675R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrSleepy, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Following on from my little bit of excitement last year, I am currently in the early stages of thinking about how to replace the 675R, brutally murdered by a Hyundai...

    So today I found out one of the local dealers here has a 2015 675R with 2000 km on it. It is pretty much identical to mine (LED lights, tail tidy, Arrow pipe) and has the original rubber with massive chicken strips from not having been thrashed. I believe the guy traded it for a Harley because he kept dropping his mates on group rides! I don't know if the Ohlins TTX36 recall has been done on it, but that's easy enough to find out and won't cost anything, other than time. Its not formally priced, or even on the floor yet, but after some discussion, around $17K is probably what they'd be asking. It'd cost around $20-21K new, on-road with all the farkle. This is also significantly less than the insurance payment I received on mine. I had a good sit on it -- still fits me and I don't have any issue with the controls. I remember why I bought one in the first place... ;)

    So I'm now really torn: to me the 675R feels very much like 'unfinished business.' Its a bike I know very well, the power delivery, handling, suspension & brakes are sublime. It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful and at the time I bought mine, was the perfect step up, with plenty of room to grow into. That still applies -- I am nowhere near able to ride it to its full potential. But I now have an opportunity to consider other bikes that I hadn't really entertained before. I hadn't really formulated a plan, but had looked into the BMW S series (not just the RR!), which now comes with a lot of nice things: clutchless downshift, heated grips, cruise control & dynamic suspension across all 3 models. These are things that weren't readily available a year ago, but have become relevant due to the fact I've now injured my left wrist (clutchless shifts, for example). Cruise control would make the hour of freeway I have to do to/from any decent set of twisties a bit more bearable, especially on the way home... I'm certainly open to the idea of other makes & models as well, although I think the spec on the BMWs is pretty hard to beat and all three have received good reviews, especially with respect to the new-fangled tech. I was quite circumspect about litre-bikes previously, although I'm obviously now more experienced, with firsthand knowledge of what happens if your right hand writes a cheque you don't have the riding talent to cash.

    Sorry, this has become quite a long post, what I think I'm really asking is what you'd consider doing if in my situation -- buying a 675R would pretty much put me back where I was 6 months ago before all this happened, and I'm totally cool with that! But if it didn't happen, I wouldn't be considering looking at other bikes either! I'm also happy to let this particular Daytona go -- I'm in absolutely no hurry to spend the money and impulse-buying ANY motorcycle is probably a recipe for badness.

    Any opinions? What would you do if you were me? Thanks in anticipation!

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  2. wow what a difference 6 months on :)
    For me I guess it would come down to time and unfinished business.

    if you get the 675R how much time will elapse before you're over the unfinished business and you start to think of upgrading.

    If that's not something of a concern then I guess its down to what will put the biggest smile on your face :)

    Actually do that anyway :)

    Whatever you decide hope its a smooth ride for you.
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  3. Think you may have answered your own question doc. Seems like you need a reason to let this one go, so that you can look for something that you can ride and that may be of benefit whilst you are still recovering.
    Heated grips, clutch less shifting and cruise control will obviously make your rides more comfortable. Sounds like you should go for these as your riding will be enjoyable for longer.
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  4. I would make the following points:
    • Physical capabilities. - Are you likely to improve in the short term.
    • Riding Season, I is peak riding season, the longer you leave it the less season you will have.
    • The 675 is a bike you know and trust, adjusting to it would be quicker than a new bike.
    • You say there is unfinished business with the 675, if you don't finish it will it be something you will regret.
    In the end we all buy bikes with our hearts and our heads but mainly the former. Listen to your heart we can't tell you what to do.
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  5. Hey DrSleepyDrSleepy when I wrote my Vulcan off I was wondering what to do next go for another cruiser or something different. Of course I can't an won't compare my old ride or my current to either choices you have as they are both excellent pieces of kit. But when I made the decision to buy the bike I now have it was based on the premise of more comfort better handling and overall ride-ability like I said neither are in the league of the two bikes your looking at. I agree with cjvfrcjvfr listen to your heart but just throw in a little of the head as well you'll make the right decision I'm willing to put money on it.
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  6. DrSleepy you can't be left alone for five minutes ;)
    Conundrum huh?
    Think on it...redo your lists with an extra column for, dare I say, emotive aspects if any for each particular bike purchase.
    It is a valid part of the decision making process. :)
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  7. OldmaidOldmaid I'm like a kid in a candy store at the bike shop! So much shiny... All this started from looking at a Ninja 1000 brake light connector too... :p

    Thanks very much to all for their input so far. Its obviously very early days in this process yet, and I hadn't really thought about this particular aspect of it until I saw pretty much the bike I came off for less that I was paid out for mine. I was originally thinking that if I was going to get the same bike / mods, I'd probably have to spend at least $20K, and if you're spending that much, its not unreasonable to see what else is available... It's left the normally coolly-detatched rational anaesthetist quite conflicted.

    I can see how the trick electronics and things would be useful and how it could possibly make me safer: i.e. not thinking about the actual mechanics of downshifting means I can focus more attention on when to do it and optimising my position, tip in point & so on. I'm under absolutely no illusion that rain mode, DTC and ABS is a substitute for rider skill and all the bikes I've considered are far more capable than I am. There was a plan to do CSS, although postponed at the moment!
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  8. Go and ride as many bikes as u can. Ride some 1000 cc bikes. Once u have sampled the torque of a 1000 cc bike I would be surprised if u went back to a 675cc. No comparison
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  9. Try different engine configurations too, like throw a Ducati 948 Evo or Aprilia RSV4 R in the mix. You may discover more of what you like in the process. Try the naked counterparts where available too.
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  10. #10 Barters81, Jan 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
    I would say that 17k for a 2nd hand 675R is daylight robbery (I have little sympathy if it has 2000 or 15,000kms on the clock.....it's still 2nd hand to me and a bargaining chip). For instance I saw a 675 sold privately the other day with 8,000 odd kms, a tail tidy and pipe, was 2 years old.....for under 10k. I know it's not the R, but puts it all into perspective.

    Also, don't forget that the 800 versions are coming down the pipeline next year which will shave off some value of the 675 the same way the 800 F3 did.

    I love the Daytona's however I think they are outrageously overpriced which will more than likely stop me from getting one.

    EDIT: Just get one of these and be done with it if you're looking at 20k bikes.

    2015 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster for sale[Brand%20new%20bikes%20available]|SiloType%3D[Brand%20new%20bikes%20in%20stock]%29|SiloType%3D[Dealer%20used%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Demo%20%26%20near%20new%20bikes]%29|SiloType%3D[Private%20used%20bikes]%29%26BikeAll%3Dkeyword[mv%20agusta]%29%26Service%3D[Bikesales]%29&pso=0&pss=Premium
  11. basejumperbasejumper I suspect absolute power corrupts absolutely eh? Only one way to find out... ;)

    I've definitely a thing for European makes, so Ducati & Aprilia are options too. The only problem I had with the Ducati previously was that it didn't fit me all that well, which is still a problem because a surgeon has now rearranged my knee a bit.

    Barters81Barters81 I was more pointing out that this is pretty much an identical bike to mine, at significantly less than I would have to spend to buy the same thing new. So my thinking is if its going to cost $20K for a 675R, I should look what's available with similar money -- which brings bikes like the BMW S1000R/RR/XR and RSV4/Tuono/Caponord into the frame.
  12. Hey DrSleepyDrSleepy - good to see you back on the horse lately and relooking at bikes. I'd suggest riding a bunch of them (675R included) in the next week or so to see if you have any issues with ergos given your recent body reconstruction. May help with the decision.
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  13. Yes chillibuttonchillibutton, test rides are definitely on the cards. I'm not looking to spend the cash in a hurry -- still need to get closer to full-strength in my arm back, but we're probably talking first quarter of this year I think. So far everything on the list is reasonably comfortable to sit on, although the S1000XR is going to require a certain 'aesthetic acclimatisation' I think. ;)
  14. My advice is dont stress too much about the decision. None of the options are a once in a lifetime proposition, and I can't see any of the options depreciating worse than the other so you can always sell and buy the other. With that in mind, I would always go for something different. You have experienced the 675R and what it offers. Sounds like you got a great payout for it. I'd be buying a different bike and seeing if it pushes your buttons even better. Also and S1000r is going to be less weight on your wrist, and the XR even less so
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  15. You can come up for a visit to the Sunny Coast and buy my S1000r if you like. You'll love it!
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