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An unfortunate series of events

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. May I give the following simple advice,

    Don't ride your Bike when your VERY angry.
    Especially just after you told the boss to "fornicate off".... loudly.

    I did, I rode, also very angrily

    My urge to use my hands to throttle something, became over-active throttle twisting.

    I went down... not hard, but enough to slide the bike across four lanes of road (turning right onto Davey street from Barracks St in Hobart)
    Just a snapped mirror, broken indicator stalk (both repairable), bent foot brake and scrapes on fairing and pipe.

    The helmet never touched ground, Moto-dry jacket shows only slight skuffing, boots a little skuffed and Draggin Jeans (cargo's) have no appreciable wear at all, just a lot of greasy marks (some oil on road may have assisted my stupidity, but it's all my fault as far as I'm concerned)

    funny thing I remember is thinking "wow.. I'm getting low.. pegs are usually scraping by now" Then "why is my bike over there?" Then "is that my wallet sliding down the road"...(it was the mirror).

    Funny how things done years ago come back to you, back in '76 I did Judo, today I excecuted a perfect forward roll and up onto my feet. :D
    Turned around and bowed to the four lanes of cars waiting for me to get the hell off the road. A couple of drivers even clapped :LOL:

    Thanks to the lady who asked if I was OK (to which I replied "yes thanks, I'm more stupid than hurt") Also thanks to the two guys who collected the mirror and indicator and helped push the bike off the road.

    The beast started after a coupla cranks, quick check of damage and I rode home the 24k or so left. No damage at all to me, except a stiff arm, I'll see the quack if it's worse tomorrow.

    Sorry to ramble on, but it's good to get it off the chest so to speak.

    Remember.. don't ride if your angry and distracted...

  2. Thats a good tip iffracem . Glad you are ok though :D .
  3. Glad you & bike are o.k. - but I want to know what the Boss said back? :eek:
  4. Glad to hear you are ok and the bike can be fixed, now are you going to tell the boss :shock:
  5. Sorry to hear about that, mate. Good thing you're OK and the bike is fixable. Most importantly a great lesson for us all to learn....ride COOL!
  6. Glad your okay mate.

    Personally when I'm pissed off, the best thing to do is go for a ride. As soon as I get on the only thing I'm thinking about is riding, and my head is much, much clearer at the end.

    Normally when I get back, I can't even remember why I was so pissed off :)
  7. Thanks all, it really was a stupid thing to do, I was sooooo p1ssed off.

    The boss and I know he wont find a replacement easily, so I'll be back on monday, we also both know I need the job, as with a wife battling brain tumors, I need to feed Mr Johnny Howards health system copious amounts of cash. (thankfully the latest tumor is in recession, possibly gone :p )

    I shall be taking great pleasure in making sure he feels it's partially his fault. Although to be honest it's solely my problem, no-one forced me to ride home in a blind rage.

    Next time it's down to the pub and a taxi from there (at the bosses expense of course :wink: )

  8. good tip iffa , i am glad you are OK
    heres another good tip , dont tell the boss to F... off , ring me and I will , and then you wont get angry. :wink:
    as you say mate you need all 110% on the job when riding .
  9. hope u find another job mate,also i like groberts idea
  10. Why thank you 8)

    I actually told him to fornicate elsewhere after he got me in a thoroughly homicidal mood, it was leave or engage in some "percusive persuasion".

    Why do people employ you to do a job, then ignore your advise, or undermine your work?

    Been building for a while, wont stop till one of us moves on. (wishful thinking) Hopefully the pressure valve has blown and I can get back to enjoying the bike ride to work and back.

    I'm really glad no inocent bystanders got hurt cos of my anger.

  11. One of my last jobs, I was getting the tom tits for a few reasons (none of which I need to go into here).

    Was thinking about quiting.

    Something came up at work, and meant that I couldn't go to a mate's b'day piss up.

    Final straw, walked in quit, went out and got pissed that night.

    My mate was highly impressed that I quit my job to get pissed with him on his b'day.

    One of the best decisions I've ever made.

    NOTE: It does strongly help that I'm an IT guy, and there's always contract work out there, and that I was already thinking about quitting and spending a couple of months bumming around. Still a good story though :)

    Anyhow Iffracem you'll be fine. Maybe the boss will be so scared of upsetting you now, as he'll be afraid you'll get hit by a bus, that'll he'll be perfect.
  12. I hope everything works out for you and glad to hear your ok to ride another day. :)
  13. see it so many times every day .

    thats why there management , they move them from the sharp end as they are to dangerous on the floor or working (real work) from fear of fcuking up and killing someone.

    my advise : get the sand paper the TAC sent you (if you got one) and then rubb down the side off his car and even the score :D
  14. In most professions people are promoted to their level of inefficiency, the more useless they are, the more likely they are to end up with the key to the executive washroom.
  15. That's a bugger of a way to end your week. :cry:

    I'm glad you bounced, and it sounds like the bike's not too mangled. And you managed to entertain the onlookers. Result! :LOL:
  16. Yeah Gromit, I think some were just shocked a fat bloke could seem so "sprightly' and bounce back to my feet.

    There's a good analogy about the "promote them out of harms way" people RC and GR,

    "The shyte floats to the top at the sewerage farm as well"

    This place --> http://www.ojohaven.com/collectives/
    Calls the collective noun for a bunch of managers ..."An asylum of managers"

    How true.

  17. The supervisor here is a real prick , whinge's this isnt done or that didnt get there on time , targets to meet . Blaa blaa blaaa. He if didnt ride i would say something to him/me :LOL: :LOL:
  18. "Supervisors" are OK, they're "one of the guys", actually do work as well as supervise, plus the poor sods have to talk to the managers more often than the plebs.

    Being a good supervisor is an art form in itself, being a good manger is easy, if only most of them gave it a go once in a while. Bit less suckage of MD's arses is always a bonus.

  19. JJ, glad to hear you are okay - now don't do it again!!! :wink: :)

    I hope the situation with your boss improves.

  20. Thanx Lids... I don't intend to repeat the event :?

    Next time I'm angry or otherwise distracted, it's into the pub, or coffee shop for a damn good talking to myself.

    The Boss will get over it, if he doesn't I'll just do this :butt: