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An unexpected win

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Crashtastic, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. So my biggest hurdle to obtaining my motorcycle was the better half. She always said "Do what you want", but we all know what that means.

    So the other day I brought up the topic again, and she responds with "oh yeah, I'm over it. I'm not worried anymore."

    Now just today, she comes up to me and says "I'm getting my bike licence. Help me pick a bike"

    So that's my win for the day :D
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  2. That's not a win for the day, that's a win for the week, month, season, year, decade, century and millennium all rolled into one!
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  3. Yeah, so lucky, well done!
  4. if you let her get a ninja 250 that will cancel the win
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  5. She likes the 300s. She has better taste then that though ;)
  6. Fark my mrs has had her bike licence since before we met and she still didn't want me to get mine.
    I did it anyway but yeah...

    Good onya mate. May you have fun riding together.
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  7. Great news! Your missus sounds like a keeper :)
  8. That's awesome....i'm working towards that outcome aswell.
  9. Hmmm
    are you sure that's a win mate?
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  10. Wanna swap? BTW, if you tell my missus I've offered, I'm dead!
  11. Bikes or Missuses?
  12. Haha Congrats mate.

    I had a similar thing, except I was riding before we got together. When she first mentioned it to me I was careful not to seem as excited as I felt!! I didn't want to end up pressuring her into it! But I'm super stoked she's keen. She has done her L's course but is going back to get some 1 on 1 lessons before she picks her bike.

    She's keen on the Ninja 300s too, but I am trying to recommend the YZF-R3.
  13. Yeah be careful it could be a trap.
  14. congrats thats definitely a win,now go but a x-lotto ticket. If she's keen on the ninja 300 i can say there is no flies on them after buying one,it is a great little bike and has no problem hauling my 115 kg butt around and even with my 80kg son on back it has no problems getting around.cheers
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  15. Am I the only one who sees the hypocracy here?

    You pussy foot around to broker the idea of a bike.

    She flat out tells you she's getting a bike.

    Man up and tell her to fark off and find her own hobby.

    I'm glad my wife has no interest in riding...........
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  16. To be honest, this is exactly what I was thinking.

    If my Mrs was denying me the opportunity to do something I really wanted to, then rocked in saying that she was going to do it......I'd say "fark off, you can get you license only after I get mine now."

    Someone said she is a keeper? I was leaning the other way.
  17. Yeah mate, that's not a win. I would rather slam my tongue in a car door than encourage my fat wife with getting a bike. Now you have one more thing you can do together! Aint that fricken great!

    Your bike is there primarily to get the hell away from her & have some fun on your own/with mates until the Requiem Bell tolls for you to return home to face her piercing stare, gritted teeth & judgmental attitude...and the house is STILL a mess & dishes STILL in the sink!

    She's only wanting to keep an eye on you & it's just one more thing she'll control you with. You wait...she'll be making most of the decisions where you go, when you go & for how long. You'll be stopping for a toilet break every half an hour as well as fixing her bike when she inevitably breaks something!

    You've been warned!
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  18. Warning received.

    To be fair, it wasn't an overnight change. I spent a few weeks informing her of the saftey gear I would be using and the defensive riding techniques that riders apply. She eventually was convinced that she would be ok with me getting a bike.

    Then I took her to the farm and let her hoon around on an ag bike, and after that she seems to have caught the bug.

    She knows I'm a stubborn bastard and would have got the bike anyhow, and I doubt she'll have any issue with me turning around and telling her I'm going for a solo ride.
  19. Famous last words.