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An Other Helmet Speaker Solution

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Not bad for $40, & P&H
    They are kind of like the ear phones you can get in a snowboard helmet, but they are incorporated into the helmet and you just plug the device into the side of the helmet
  2. Just bought myself some Sony fontopia "in ear" bud type headphones. They sound amazing. Haven't tried them with a helmet yet...

    If the helmet and buds don't work well together, then these helmet speakers might be the way to go... but what's their bass response like?? How long will my MP3 player's battery last driving those big mofo's compared to the tiny fontopias??

    Anyone with in helmet headphone experience??

    [Falcon Lord, suggest you change the title to reflect in helmet speaker topic... that should attract more traffic...]
  3. Hhhm...an offer so good they brought the site down.
  4. I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who's got these. My main queries are:

    Sound quality?

    Volume? Seeing as your head's going to be pressed up against it, wouldn't volume be lost? I know if my earplug comes out even the tiniest I have trouble hearing the music - and that's with the ipod's volume up high.

    Comfort? I'd love to have a look at the structure of these speakers. And take them for a nice long test ride, just to see whether I'm going to start feeling them after a few hrs.

    Thanks for the info. Falcon Lord - perhaps do what Rob said and change the title of the thread? :)
  5. I've seen the US ad and have had the same concerns. I hope they really work, but I would feel more comfortable hearing it from someone who has used them. I don't mind carrying a more powerful MP3 player to power the speakers, but not if it sounds like an old AM radio ....

    I have tried using the bud headphones, but I find they turn inside my ears when I take my lid off, and I feel like I have nearly pierced my eardrums a couple of times.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  6. flashfire and i both have a pair of these. they're not completely flat like snowboarding hood speakers but are flat enough to fit comfortably inside my helmet (and my KBC is really tight).

    that said, they're stuck in with velcro tabs and depending on your style of helmet, can ride up a little which means sometimes after putting your helmet on some adjustment is necessary. i have kind of tucked most of the wires behind my removable lining so it's not an issue - the only way the helmet looks any different is the small jack that sticks out the bottom.

    on a positive note, the sound quality is pretty damn good and loud enough to easily hear over the twin unbaffled staintunes on the storm :twisted:

    i won't ride anywhere without them anymore. :grin:

    flash bought them for me so i'm not certain but i think she purchased them locally. i'll ask her tomorrow. if anyone has any questions in the meantime, let me know.
  7. checked with flash about where she got them. originally she got a pair locally at MCAs (~$80) but they died within about 6 months. she bought the new ones from the site listed in the OP and so far there's no problems whatsoever.
  8. Just a thought, what about if you crash?? You go down smack your head, then you don't have an "in helmet speaker", rather you've got an "in head speaker"... Just a thought...
  9. Yup, I bought some Skullcandy earbuds from JV Hi-Fi, they're not superfine quality (which would be wasted on the bike) but plenty good as long as you're not an obsessive sound engineer. Only about $30-$40 if I recall correctly. They work great, and have much less problem getting the helmet on and off (with standard ipod earbuds I found they didn't want to stay put in my ear, and also when I took the helmet off they'd RIP out occasionally, not such a problem with these).

    Hope it helps! :grin:
  10. I got a set of Shure e3c noise supresor earphones. The best by far. And got them really cheap through work. I think over $100 discounted from RRP

    Would love to have enough money to get the e500 but $700 is overkill.