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An open apology.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PhilC, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. To the owner of the mint green Landrover. I apologise wholeheartedly for the tiny tap my mirror gave to yours the other day as I made my way to the front of the queue. I thank you for not getting angry and raging at me, and I'm sorry I didn't stop to make sure I hadn't moved your mirror out of alignment, I know it was only the smallest of touches and your vehicle was already somewhat battered, but that's no excuse. I'll attempt to be better from now on.

    Go on folks get it out of your system, confess your motorcycling trespasses here and bring some good vibes to the universe.

  2. Evidently you dont filter very often through the city...
  3. I do find it curious that the same people who'd want to kill anyone for as much as touching their bike (see numerous posts about parking in motorcycle spots and parking in the city in general) also think it is perfectly OK for them to bump other people's property...
  4. If you gave a sh!t you would stop and say sorry or at the very least post that in a Landrover forum.


    If i do it, then I do it on purpose and its lucky for them that they dont cope worse.
  5. A wave of apology to acknowledge, (very very very very very very very very rare I've nudged a person's mirror.)
  6. Pfff... a wave would not cover it for me sorry. As a car driver as well as a bike rider. If some idiot bumped into my car mirror and scratched the paint or put a chip in it, I'd want a hell of a lot more than a sorry wave. If you can't control your bike properly don't do it.

    If someone was to scrap a bike in a car I'd imagine the the bike owner wouldn't be content with a wave.
  7. I thought thats why you need loud pipes, so when you filter the cagers cant hear you clip their mirrors over the sound.

    Ive clipped 1 mirror in 13 months.
  8. That's nothing. I've done 2 in 20 years, plus accidental at-fault contact with other bits of vehicle in another 3 cases, none of which resulted in marks that wouldn't polish out.

    That's filtering on a daily basis in very congested conditions.

    Anyone clipping anything on more than a very occasional basis should rethink their riding practices.
  9. I thought you were based in Perth? :p
  10. Nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a headjob.

    Me, I never apologise :wink:
  11. i dont think ive hit any mirrors yet... now ive said that, better not split for a while :LOL:
  12. 3 mirrors, 3 stops, 3 sorrys, 3 oks, 3 no damage. just dont park your car in the bike parking outside st vincents hospital.. have met some not impressed riders there.hear hear i say
  13. Whats this about?
  14. theres about the size of three parking spots outside the stvincents clinic in sydney for bikes only. very handy if you are a regular there :wink: . from time to time (nearly everyday) there is a cage or two squeezed in. most times they get parked in and get stuck but have seen the odd helmet or backpack dragged accross a bonnet.. stupid thing is it is quite often the same cars. not that there is big ass signs saying bikes. then again in the defence of the cars it is f-cken hard to get a spot at vinnies and quite often the pay carparks are full by 830. just an observation of mine

  15. Are you serious?
    Or am I (or not) missing the sarcasm? :?
  16. You should have stopped imo, I clipped one after being on my L's for 3 weeks. It didnt do any damage, lucky for me. Its a great excuse for another raging 4x4 to intimidate a rider.

    Did you expect more people to laugh along with your post? :shock:
  17. Well, you sound like an arrogant ****. :roll:
  18. I apologise for being the sexiest man in the world. I know it means none of your wives or girlfriends are truly satisfied with you, but what can I do?
  19. uuummmm eh ?. :?:
  20. shoot yourself and give the rest of us a chance. greedy bastard.