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An older Newbie wants to say "hi"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OneStar, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. First post here. I am a very late entrant into the world of riding. It's something I have been interested in for years but the responsibility to my young family held me back. Now my girls are getting close to independance and an increasing number of my peers are succumbing to various ailments, I figure it is about time to take the plunge. At the ripe old age of 51, I am taking my L's at St Ives on Dec 26th & 27th (surprised that they work on Boxing Day!).

    I'm already getting sick of the "mid-life crisis" jibes but hopefully they will subside once I get a few years under my belt.

    The forums here are so informative. I am looking to put many of the tips into practice once I'm off and riding. I'm looking at picking up an early 2000 model VTR250, since it seems to be the bike of recommendation for a starter. Looking forward to sharing some thoughts on riding once I have some to share.

  2. Welcome to NR, rtier. Very nice bike choice :grin:

    Good luck for the 26th and 27th, better stay away from the eggnog Christmas day :p
  3. g'day LT,

    I've only been here a week, but have over a million k's under my bum, this mob seem like a decent bunch in the main, advice and opinions are free, anything else you have to provide humour or tales of feats unimaginable.

    just kidding and welcome,

    good choice of the VTR, according to my better half the best way to get to know one is to travel 2800km in three days (she did Perth to Clare in SA on her L's by herself), hers had 63000km on it when sold and had no identifiable defects inside or out.
  4. RT,

    You wont be able to mention others ailments for much longer then .. as you'll be succumbing to your own addiction :LOL:

    Welcome to NR.
  5. Hey mate, Welcome to the forums

    What a time to get ya L's!!!

    But it is worth it, I've had mine for a week! Fantastic :grin:
  6. Welcome, RT.

    Get out there and get your license, and then your full license, before you have to pay for your little darlings' weddings :LOL:.
  7. Hornet, SHAME! You forgot to mention the most important bit!

    "and expensive bike of choice"!!!! before the weddings come :p

    Welcome RT, apparently I've been going thru a MLC for the past eight years at last count ... you'll get used to the jibes :grin:

    *Edit* besides, they're only jealous that you've managed to "break free" and they haven't yet :p
  8. Thanks to everyone for their kind and clever messages of welcome!
  9. Welcome to NR !
  10. Hey Onestar, at the "ripe old age" of 48 I got my licence and now at the ripe old age of (one year less than you) I haven't regretted a minute of it. Am having the best time of my life :grin: If this is a mid-life crisis, then I want to keep on having it for the rest of my life. Good on you for taking the step - enjoy!
  11. +1 Rose, me too! :grin:
  12. Welcome OneStar to NR and don't have too much xmas pud on 25th!

    Hey, I was 54 and finally getting into this wonderful bike thing, touched on it 20 or so years previously but a few things got in the way. Have recently completed my second Adv. Road Rider training and can certainly recommend you do this once you've got the basics under your belt.

    By the way 50s are the new 30s, 60s are the new 40s etc. So just imagine you're 31, not 51. :wink:

    Good bike choice too.

    Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful time at your bike lessons.

  13. Hi and welcome.

    If your mid life is in your 50's your going to live to be at least 100

    Means you have at least another 50 years of riding time.
  14. Welcome, young buck.

    Now you'll find out what living is, finally........