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An older lambo parked up at arthurs seat but what type is it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, May 31, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    On my travels today i saw this lambo parked up at arthurs seat.. it was super low.. and i doubt id fit in it.. but i was trying to work out what type of lambo it was.. and it didn't say on the lambo itself or on the rego.. just that it was a 1990 i think.

    anyone have any ideas?

    also its a nice car.. glad someone was driving it..

    Also for future reference.. i see new lambos all the time.. have never seen an older model hence i took the pictures and i've posted it on exoticspotter,aussieexotics and another forum.
    To gauge peoples thoughts on the car and see who like it and who don't.. i figured it is not something you see everyday, And i like exotic cars i just wish i didn't lose my other pictures i've taken over the years.

    so this is the start of my new collection.

    Also photos were taken on my iPhone4.. didn't have my proper camera with me.
  2. It's a Countach, made between 1974 and 1990 after which they went to the Diablo model. The Countach was the poster child of many a teenager, myself included. ;) If it was marked as 1990 it would have been the last of the marque.
  3. me too, although it doesn't have the charisma of the Muira, nor the resale value, it is nonetheless a cult car of the first order
  4. I had a black one just like this on my wall. Sex on wheels...
    Never actually seen one on the road.
  5. I always loved the look of the back wheels; like an F1 car on the road....
  6. Great to look at, shit to drive (according to James May who came to the conclusion one should never drive their dream car as it simply sets you up for dissapointment).

    The Miura, like the Porsche 928, are great if you want to further illuminate the moon at night.... not much chance of the headlights popping up when they are supposed to. The Miura IS a work of art !
  7. I saw a yellow one (countach) up at Mt Glorious a while back. It sounded not right and leaked more oil than an early Bonneville. The owner was a really nice fella who had inherited the car from his uncle, but he hasn't got his uncle's money so fixing and maintaining it will be a challenge.
  8. That was going to be my first guess because i remember james may driving one and i thought it was similar..

    thanks for the confirmation.

    It may look odd but i really liked it.. i see the new lambos all the time and i've never seen the older style.. can't believe i saw it though hence the pictures.

    plus the number plate made me laugh.

    EDIT: gonna post it up on exoticspotter see what people think.
  9. Not a bad car considering it came out of a tractor factory. Funny tales of Enzo and Ferruccio.
    T'is the LP500. V12, 1500kg....nice
  10. A very fast one,
  11. they have the widest tyres ever fitted to a production car
  12. There's a few older lambo's within a stones throw of uni. A countach and a miura, or possibly just 2 miura's. The miura will happily set off car alarms while rolling down barker street on overrun. God knows what sound it would make at noise.
  13. Cannonball Run FTW!
  14. I can't believe you don't know what it is [-X
  15. Do not mention the film that shall not be named. I lost 3 days of my life after the last time I watched it fanging around outback NSW.
  16. I said i thought it was the one james may drove on top gear.. but wasn't 100% so didn't want to say it.. in-case i was wrong.. so hence i asked :)
  17. #17 hornet, May 31, 2012
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    Ah yes, Cannonball Run, with two rather, ahem; comely pilots

  18. I still have fond memories of the girl I took with me.

    Must have been over 20 years ago now......
  19. OMG. Sorry Mikey, but every man should know a Countach :eek: :cry:. So sexy =D>
  20. ..... someone already said this and i answered, id rather ask and be certain than post and be wrong.