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An Old Rider Starting Again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dundas, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. I've been a Netrider member for maybe a couple of years, but until now haven't introduced myself in the welcome lounge. So ...

    I come from a motorcycling kind of family, with bikes ranging from my dad's very ulitarian BSA Bantam (which I rode in to the fence, the first time I tried) to my brothers' Nortons and Harley Davidsons. I always stuck with Honda, ending up with a shiny new 1971 (I think) Honda CB750K1 ... and then nothing for, oh, about 40 years. I even let my motorcycle licence lapse as I moved between NSW and Vic - a costly mistake, as I was to find out.

    Then I came to Thailand to do some volunteer work and needed some transport. First, I bought a bicycle, and then realised the insanity of that (outside temperature of 45 degrees in hot season), so started renting motorcycles.

    After riding for the whole year in Thailand, I finally got my licence back in Australia, and am now waiting for my LAMS to expire (Feb 18, 2013) so that I can choose what bike I ride, rather than have some bureaucrat do it for me. I'm thinking of a Suzuki of some kind, maybe a GSX650 or a V-Strom.

    I enjoy the discussions in the forums, have occasionally participated, and might do so some more when I have more to talk about.

    I only ride when I'm in Thailand - always an interesting experience. The traffic is amazing, but once you learn the rules (Rule #1: watch out for everyone else and be ready to accommodate them, no matter that they do) it's OK. I'm looking forward to riding again in Australia, though.

    Until then ...
  2. Welcome. I think you might be a record-holder here for the longest sabbatical from riding.

    As for riding here, Rule #1 works pretty well in Australia too!
  3. 40 years-fark,the old Hondas weren't that bad,surely?
  4. Thanks for the welcome! As for Rule #1 - it works real well in Australia, but not if you allow for the Thai extension, which says, "even if you have to ignore that red light."

    Now I regularly run red lights (only in Thailand) in the interests of my own safety ...