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An old newby

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ursus, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone. I am absolutely new to motorcycle riding. A month ago I did my learner's licence and am now looking for a suitable motorbike. I have no experience. The main goal of my riding is to chill out. Can anybody recommend a good LAMS approved cruiser? I have been eyeing at Torino Veloce 400cc, which seems to be a good deal for the price. In any case, I would appreciate an advise.

  2. welcome to NR, nice cruiser is the XVS650 Yamaha, either custom or my fav Classic, comfy bike, got torque, and looks schmick! in my opinion of course
  3. I can't go past recommending the Yamaha as well; I talk to lots of owners in real life, and they agree with the very positive feedback here!
  4. Thanks for the replies. It looks I got ahead of myself: should have checked other threads, as LAMS questions are asked virtually by every newby! I am 49 by the way, in case the age affects first motorbike recommendations. In any case, if anyone tried any of the Torinos I would appreciate the feedback.
  5. Don't sweat it, mate, we're used to people asking questions we've answered 20 times before :LOL:

    My only concern with your age (I'm 63 and ride a naked bike) is that you need to consider seating position etc so you're most comfortable when riding.
  6. Welcome to NR from an owner of the Yamaha XVS650. (y)
  7. When buying a second hand motorbike, what constitutes a reasonable mileage? Is it similar to cars? Less? More?
  8. That's the million dollar question, and the answer is that if it has been regularly and properly serviced, today's motorcycle should last forever. I bought my 1998 model bike in 2005 with 54,900 kms on the clock, I've still got it, routinely serviced, with over 165,000 kms on the clock.

    I've got a mate with an older ZZR-1100 Kawasaki that's over 300,000 kms!
  9. Well, everyone, thanks for the replies. As it often happens to me, on an impulse yesterday I bought Yamaha xvs650, 2009 model with 3,500 on the clock and some custom modifications. It looks extremely cool, though I am intimidated by it to the point that I asked the salesman to deliver it to my house...

    I am going to ride it this weekend. Feeling both elated and terrified.

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  10. sweet, looks nice!
  11. Welcome to the club. (y)