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An old Lady

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nic, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Stopped at the light early this morning, an old lady 75 something stops next to me keeps staring at the bike. I give her a hello nod she replies "nice bike" gives me a big smile and takes off.

    What a nice way to start the day


  2. Maybe she was only 25, and just had a hard life.
  3. That's pretty cool.
  4. i was at a set of lights yesterday, and a little kid in the backseat was waving at me, i waved back and he just had the biggest grin.

    needless to say, it made my day :)
  5. It's been my experience that more older people have a good attitude towards motorbikes than do middle aged people.

    When speaking to them about this I've often found that they have memories of being carted around on their dads old british bike or in the sidecar (cars being expensive and for the well off mostly for a long time), and look back upon these times fondly.
  6. The little kids are the best, I always wave to the kids, remember you'll be wanting them to buy your second hand bike in the future :p

    Also, if you can pop a wheelie or do a burnout, you'll be his hero for a week and he'll tell all his friends about you at school!

  7. FJ1100 wrote:
    Yep thats what we want to do impress kids and their friends at school :roll:
    Im a teacher and its pretty funny the questions kids ask you, mainly the first one being....have you fallen off your bike?
    Or why didnt you do a mono when you took off at the lights?, my answer being, becasue i have to make a 90degree corner at the same time :roll:

    But yeah give the kids a wave on the bus on the way to school and they love you for it.
  8. That's a way cooler answer than "My bike isn't really powerful enough..." :LOL:

    --[and yes, for the record: you can. You just have to torture the bejeesus out of your drive-train.]--
  9. Nah just give it a rev in the school carpark, that should keep them happy.
  10. Will you still be is hero if you stack it while trying to pop a wheelie ? :p

  11. I guarantee everyone will be talking about it for weeks!
  12. Funny thing is, Tim will do the burn-out even if the kids aren't watching :p :LOL:.
  13. Friend rocked up to do "parent duty" at her sons primary school...on her CBR250R... Now she was talked about (by his mates) for a week...or two.... :cool:
  14. My nephew in the uk calls me his 'cool auntie' cos he has pics of me on the bike and tells all his school mates

    Brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it! :)
  15. HA! you shoulda seen the killer one I did at the ranch last week!

  16. you really should have had a crack. you can't just let these things pass you by. :grin:
  17. Damn striaght Ktulu, especially when my bike isnt powerful enough :wink:

    I'll definetly give it a go at my new school in Queanbeyan, gotta get some respect from the kids some how these days...especially now you cant hit em with the cane :LOL: