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An old lady tried to put me into on coming traffic.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Sorry for writing so long... JUst had to vent this somewhere....

    Today on my way to work. I was on burke rd heading south. I was approaching whitehorse rd. I was behind a old subaru wagon(late 80's I think) with a old lady driving. The section I was passing had a row of cars parked on the left lane(took up half of the lane). She was like driving with half of her car in the left and half in the right lane and slowly. So I decided to overtake her on the right. Once I overtook her I got stuck behind a car in the right lane at a perdestrin crossing(lights). She zooms up next to the car infront of me hoping to cut him off when the lights go green.

    When the light went green she got stuck with the parked cars so she came next to me and tried to push me towards on coming traffic. Both of us was stuck behind the car infront in the right lane. I got pushed towards the extream right of the right wheel track of the right lane.

    I gave her the "what are you doing gesture with my left hand" and gave her the look...

    As the rows of parked cars ended she tried to undertake the car infront of me but got stuck with the red light at whitehorse rd. I stayed behind the same car in the right lane. She pulled up next to the car infront of me. As the lights go green she accel hard and cut off the guy in front of me. He had to brake hard to avoid hitting her. I kinda saw that coming so I gave him room to slow right down. Then she still kept going and cut off a van in the left lane, again he had to brake hard to avoid hitting her. Then she decided to cut off a tram. That was all I saw.

    At the end of all that I was still behind the same car (where I felt safest). Ater all that I wouldnt be surprised if I saw her in an accident a few streets down...

    One question, What would you do in my situation with this old women....

  2. Got her granddaughter's phone number.
  3. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I had something similar happen to me once - old lady who was clearly a passenger in the car despite being the only occupant. I stopped and called the police, and they said they'd try to find her.
  5. Yeah, they always try to do that. Best thing you can do is spit to the front at the crossing. If you can't do that, give the driver's door a boot full of toe sliders. :)
  6. kept the f&*^ out of her way. sooner be a wuss and hang back than get cleaned up.
  7. At that point, I would've taken heed of the 'total psycho idiot driver' alarms going off in my head, and stayed waaaay back from the stupid old woman. Let her merge into some wanker in a BMW 4WD or something rather than my poor unprotected ass.
  8. Clearly your look must be a bit too pooncey and the old lady calculated correctly, she was probably running way late for some geriatric function and you upset the old dear causing her to take it out on other road users, have some respect for the elderly you hardcore road raging biker.
    Lucky for you it wasn’t my gran, she wears steel cap blunstones and would have alighted from her trusty old Cortina to deliver you a nice clean right hand and teach you some courteous road manners.
  9. I would just keep behind them and split past them when the traffic stops. but cutting of a tram? she deserves to get cleaned up.

    Another case for mandatory license testing for the over seventies. Damn.
  10. With hags like that, I keep behind them so I can see what they are doing. IF its clear, then I'd overtake and put a very good distance btn me and them and a few cars.

    Take it easy mate.
  11. Mate it happens all the time on these 1.5 laned roads. I commuted for 5 yrs from Thomastown to Cotham Rd Kew Via Rosanna Rd & Burke Rd. (usually only tok 25 mins, bet its much longer now) I saw that sort of shit every day. Just keep ut of their way either a good distance in front or behind.
    Dont take it personally because you are not going to change their behaviour.

    Testing over 70 +1!
  12. Amen. Sometimes it just takes longer to get to work.

    But the goal is to get there!
  13. Yeah, harden the f#$k up! Learn how to 'evil eye' properly :p , if not, learn how to kick cars while in motion!
  14. This is where one needs a H2 Humvee to commute. 160 db airhorn and bigg ass tread!

    Sorry officer, was that old bag in that crushed tin can behind me! :p

    Oh to dream!
  15. Sounds like you did the right thing... :p
    Sorry nothing constructive.
  16. This is not an "event" it is the normal circumstances we are in every day on motorcycles.

    Instead of staying along side her and being in harms way, say to yourself "stupid b*tch" and slow down just enough to let her get ahead and far enough away from you so she's no longer a problem. Holding your ground just because you theoretically have right of way is a dangerous thing to do. Right of way means nothing if she hits you and sends you to hospital with a world of hurt.
  17. I'm just amazed that the old bat is still alive!! :shock:
  18. I reported an old dude a couple of years ago to police, they said they'd request he sit for a licence test. A couple of months later I get a call from the cops 'just to let me know' he failed and lost his licence. :applause:
  19. I'll add my voice to the "let her go" crowd. Call the cops on her if you want, it'd be a nice bit of revenge and you'd be doing society a favour too.

    The thing is, as long as you're on two wheels and the other person's on four, you can't afford to piss people off. You're not going to win the fight.
  20. Given the age of the original poster, the "old" woman was probably only about 35... :LOL: :p