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An newbie MLC rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by christaki, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Greetings to those more experienced than I. I am one of the late MLC (Mid Life Crisis) new riders. I have bought an intimidating Yamaha V-Star (compared to the pre-L course intimidating Honda 125's) which I am very much enjoying, or at least will be once I stop stalling and wobbling.
    I bought my second hand Dainese boots from Jim, a very knowledgeable and experienced rider who referred me to this forum. It looks great. I hope one day I can contribute as well as receive advice. Pretty much all I can help with initially is guitar and music advice. Sorry.

  2. Welcome to the forum! Nothing wrong with experiencing a long mid life crisis resulting in many multiple purchases of ever increasingly powerfull motorbikes!
  3. Thanks mate!
  4. Welcome from another noob.

    the mid life crisis will evolve into a rest of life addiction.
  5. Welcome and enjoy. My wife's MLC resulted in 2 bikes last year (new for her but a return to the fold for me) and it's as awesome as ever.

    Now you need a custom guitar case to strap on your bike so you can do campfire music on long rides!
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  6. Welcome to NR!
  7. welcome aboard its never to late:]