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An IT question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MadPillion, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. What I need to do is attach a harddrive and printer to an existing network - only thing is that they're USB and I can't find the relevant hardware to buy.. anyone know what I need and where to buy it??

    Many thanks.. :grin:

  2. What model printer is it?
  3. Why do you need hardware?

    Plug them in and "install" them as a network device on the networked computer.
  4. heh, can see why Mouth is the IT section of NetRider ;)

    Plug the (external) Hard drive into a USB port and it will install the drivers needed automatically. You *may* need a reboot (I'll assume you use Windows) for it to work. What is on the hard drive? Or do you mean "hard drive" is actually a computer? (A sometimes common mistake that people who have no idea about computers make :) )

    With the printer, Windows usually needs the drivers to run the printer once you connect it (via another USB port).

    Only hardware you need to buy *possibly* is the USB cables to connect the printer and/or hard drive to the computer.

    i.e.. the ends

  5. Thanks all.. Yup spin thats what I'm after..

    Edited to say that I am networking Mac to PC as well hence the need for some hardware..
  6. The cheaper option would be to connect the printer and external hard drive to any pc (preferably the one which is on the most) and share the printer and hard drive. That way anyone on the network can access them providing the PC they're connected to is always on.

    I'm not sure how it'll work with mac's on the network. But i assume you'd have the same issues (if any) with using a print server instead of just plugging it into a PC.