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Interview An interview with Lazy Libran

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Justus, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Interview by MouthMouth

    Lazy LibranLazy Libran has kindly agreed to share his story with us all. Many thanks for participating and giving us a very enjoyable story.

    Q. Give us a brief bio (name, where do you live, what do you ride, partner, children ....)
    When I’m not on Netrider as Lazy Libran, I’m known as Raj in the real world. Although I think there’s a bit of Lazy Libran in me when I’m Raj as well. In a nutshell - I was born in India a bit over 40 years ago and have been in Melbourne since 1996. I got married in 2001 and have 2 kids (both girls - aged 9 and 7). I own a Yamaha FZ1N (2013) at the moment which I've had since September 2015. My previous ride here in Melbourne was a Yamaha V-Star 650 (XVS650) which I had bought in 2011.

    Q. When did you first straddle a motorbike? How long until you brought one?
    I don’t even remember when I first sat on a bike because I was very young though I've pictures of myself sitting on my dad's bike (A 1970's Jawa) as a toddler. I do remember jumping on the dad's bike as a kid and asking to go on rides. Most days, I would get a lift to school on the bike and at times, a lift home as well. I distinctly remember that the feeling of being on a two-wheeler was more fun than being in a car!

    My Dad later bought a scooter but the tradition continued and he taught me to ride the scooter when I was around 10 years old! My feet could not touch the ground but I could ride a scooter with hand gears! :) I would always request him to let me ride around our block on Sundays. And he usually agreed!

    My first bike – a Yamaha RX100 - was gifted to me by my parents when I was in Uni. It was black (I'd to wait for a month to get it in all black) and I'll always have a soft spot for it. The colour, the sound, and the looks - I loved everything about it. I loved it that it was a first-kick start and when it came to life – it made me smile! I always had it serviced on time and I looked after it like a doting owner. After moving to Melbourne, I stupidly did not convert my bike license. I just got the car license and that was it. I did miss my bike very much so and every time I went back to India, I would ride around everywhere but living here in Melbourne, life took over (as it does with work/study etc.) and I could not get around to getting a bike. My heart would skip a beat and I would longingly look at bikes as they went past. EVERY single time I was out on a drive (GOR, Tassie, Sydney etc.) I would imagine myself riding these roads on a bike. One day...I would think. One day!

    In the early 2000's I was working around the Elizabeth Street area and I would inadvertently find myself walking down to Peter Stevens (during the lunch hour). I became a stalker! I would go and look at bikes, touch the bikes and just walk around the shop - staring at all things bike related. Around that time, I did almost book my test BUT.... (work/life/kids et al happened AGAIN). So - to cut a long story short, I caved in and finally got my Learners permit in 2011 (Yeah, long time coming as they say). The next working day I was at the Yamaha dealer and put a deposit down on the V-Star 650. This was just before Easter and I got the delivery before the long weekend.

    FINALLLYYY...... the day came. I spent a few hours getting all the gear right and then rode home! A dream come true! I was a bike owner after 15 years of living in Melbourne and was riding on these fantastic roads. There are no words to describe this feeling. No words at all!
    My.own.bike.In.Melbourne. After.15.F***ing.years! F***.YEAH!!

    Q. How many bikes have you owned? What was your favourite?
    My current FZ1 is my 3rd bike and all 3 have been my favourites. My first RX100 was a favourite because it was my very first own bike and a gift from my parents. Those memories are irreplaceable. My second one was a favourite because it was my first bike in Melbourne (After a 15 year hiatus) and I clocked 41K kms riding around these fantastic roads (A lot of memories are involved with my cruiser as well!). The third one is a favourite at the moment because it reminds me of my first bike, it has got 1000cc's and it’s all Black and strikingly beautiful! :) PLUS I get to travel these awesome roads AGAIN! On a more powerful bike this time! So..yeah! Love'em all!

    Q. Electric motorcycles: Yes or No? Why?
    NO. Because..Well..electric things are electrical. I think they don’t have a Soul. For me, riding a bike is a romantic notion! There's a connection between me and my bike when I start her up. I can hear the engine running. I can smell the engine running. I make a contact with my
    bike every time I change a gear. I relate to it when the gear changes and the subsequent acceleration makes the engine roar. The roar and that acceleration is directly proportional to my happiness quotient. This connection stirs my soul! What can I say! I'm a romantic at heart and riding IS Pure Romance for me! A non-biker would think I’m crazy!! Can I get this with an electric bike? I think not! Would I buy an Electric car? Sure, why not! A bike? No. Never!

    Q. What's your funniest riding tale?
    My wife thinks that I love the bike more than her. She may be right there! But then again, aren't they always are? :)

    Q. Peter Pan, Neverland, Capt' Haddock - you appear a real comic/fantasy fan. Tell us about it?
    Well...Ever since I was little, I've always been a huge fan of comic books. My favourite characters are Tintin (Inc. Captain Haddock, of course), Asterix, Tarzan, Phantom and Superman. Having said that - I love a lot of other characters as well i.e. Batman, Spiderman, Tom & Jerry, Peter Pan, Archie, etc etc. I still find time to read comic books because like Peter Pan, I don't want to grow up. Grow old, well..can’t help it but grow up...Never! :D

    Also love most movies and especially Sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural themed movies and TV Shows. That also includes Animation movies (Pixar etc), Japanese anime (Miyazaki is my favourite), old B&W movies (Casablanca etc.), westerns (The Good, the Bad & The Ugly is my favourite movie). BTW Yes, I’m a movie nut too. Always been an avid reader and still read to this day however this summer has been too good to catch-up on reading. I've been busy with something else these last few months! :D

    Q. Repairs and servicing at home, or strictly a mechanic?
    Strictly by a mechanic at the moment. I do plan to learn a few mechanical things and one day - get a project bike to tinker with. It will happen eventually but at the moment, I am content being a rider and gawking at custom bike projects on the web.

    Q. Who are your real-life motorcycling heroes?
    T.E Lawrence, Steve McQueen, Philip Vincent, Valentino Rossi and all other people who founded and/or co-founded iconic bike brands. And all the Isle of Man TT riders who risk their lives every year.

    Q. Whats your 'bucket list' riding adventure?
    Europe on bike.
    Ride to Leh/Ladakh region (in the Himalayas) on a Royal Enfield 'Bullet'. I've always been a fan of this bike as my Dad had one as well.
    And maybe Route 66 as well...
    And to visit Isle Of Man once as a spectator. The ambience there would be just amazing...

    Q. What do you think is the most beautiful production motorcycle ever built? Where can we find a pic?
    I think the Ducati Panigale and MV Agusta's Brutale and F3/F4 series bikes are stunningly beautiful. I even find the old-school looks of the Triumph Bonneville T100 (and the new T120 Black) striking.

    Q. Whats your primary employment? Your education background?
    No surprises here but I work in IT as a Systems Support Engineer. I had a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting but moved on to complete a Masters in IT when I came to Australia.

    Q. Describe your typical half/full day ride. Where do you go? Any habits before leaving home?
    Half-day rides are normally to Emerald/Gembrook/Seville, Healesville/Yarra Glen/Toolangi areas. Habits? Not many but I always keep a little hand-written note from my daughter in the wallet. I'm yet to go on a full day ride on my own as I prefer the company of the organised Netrider group rides for such trips. Since the day I joined NR (April 2011), I've been on numerous NR rides and have enjoyed each and every one of them.

    Q. What's the thing you enjoy most about NetRider? The thing you enjoy least?
    The best part is the online camaraderie amongst the regulars. Be it bike related information, or gear related or even funny stuff - everyone pitches in. It's a good team we've here and feels good to be part of this very helpful online community. Same goes for the Melbourne Saturday practise crew (And the regulars). I go there 1-2 times a month and they're always up for a chit-chat and a coffee. I've made some good friends there and it is always fantastic to go on Sunday rides with these guys. And let's not forget the amazing work both hawklordhawklord and GreyBMGreyBM have done with regards to assisting learner (and both new and experienced) riders. Without NR, I would not have met anyone and now I'm so hooked to that place that even after 4 years, I still go and say hello. The thing I enjoy least? Well, at times the squabbles and arguments but well...that's all natural when a group of people are in the same room, isn't it? So, all good here. :)

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  2. hey Lazy LibranLazy Libran thanks for sharing your story mate
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  3. excellent mate
    now tell us your view on cake
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  4. Nice one Raj, enjoyed the read
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  5. Good on you Raj. An interesting read indeed. FZ1 FTW
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  6. Thanks for gracing us on the insights behind cap'n haddock ;) cheers Lazy LibranLazy Libran .
  7. Good read. I always thought it was lazy librarian.... guess I should learn to read =D
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  8. Thanks guys...Been on this site for so long and been on so many rides with you guys so it feels good to share my craziness with you all..


    Cake.. What can I say? We all like it. It should be Warm, moist, buttery and exciting.

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  9. A great life story and NR is richer by you being here. You get out of a forum what you put in. If you want more out of it you need to put more of yourself into it. You have put into NR and I hope I have the pleasure of riding in the same wind as you.
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  10. good read. go get that project blke. their must be a rx100 somewhere that needs yr help and hands all over it
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  11. Thanks for that,

    Now the important questions

    1. Do you nod to HD riders?
    2. Do you nod to Scooter riders?
    3. ATTGATT or thongs?
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  12. Thank you for your story LL :)
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  13. Thanks for the insights, Raj :)
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  14. Great read mate - I've been looking forward to this.
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  15. Thanks for sharing Lazy LibranLazy Libran another great story :)
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  16. Thanks mate. Nice one
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