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Interview An interview with Bitsar

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Justus, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. BitSarBitSar has kindly agreed to share his story with us all. Many thanks for participating and giving us a very enjoyable story.

    Q. Hi Bitsar, thank you for allowing me to ask you a few questions. Why don't we start off by getting a brief run-down of who Bitsar is
    My pleasure. I'm not that interesting so will keep this brief.

    BitSar by name – bitsa' by nature.

    Born in Canada to an Irish/Welsh Mother and Greek/Macedonian Father – I am a mutt.

    Grew up on the Mornington Peninsula where mischief was never hard to find, nor was company to assist. Lots of free space and plenty of opportunity to exploit it.

    I live and work in Melbourne metro. I am married to an exceptionally patient Wife and we've recently welcomed our first baby daughter into the world.

    After a Physics degree I continued into Post-Grad Computer Science study. Like many other NertRaiders I am therefore an IT'ist and work as a Consultant in the field of Solution Design.

    Q. Congrats on being a dad! So what is your ride these days and how long have you been riding for?
    Cheers fella - life will never be the same again eh? She's a little gem.

    First rode a moto at the age of ~6. It was a Yamaha PW50 and it belonged to the neighbours of my Grandparents who lived on the Bellarine Peninsula. These neighbourhood kids had cut a small circuit - inclusive of a few 'jumps' - into the paddocks behind the residential properties, land which is now developed into the usual pop-up, catalogue styled, homogenised, suburbia. Ah – progress.

    That said, I've only had a road moto license for approx 7 years, first gained in 2009. Growing up on the 'Ninsula I rode mates dirt-bikes CR250s, XT250s and the mighty WR400s (not to be underestimated) – my folks were never pro-moto so I turned to cycling. Both road and mountain bike.

    Current ride is a 2015 Yamaha MT-09. It's a real cracker of a bike and serves my purposes beautifully. Namely, commuting and weekend scratching with occasional hooligan-ing. I've always been into naked bikes.

    Over the years I've owned bikes from the usual Japanese marquees: Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha - sans Suzuki. Not a deliberate act.

    This progression was peppered with an Aprilia which vindicated my desire and ratified my mistrust. It was worth it.

    Q. Your dream bike?
    Dream bike.....hmmmm.
    As of this day I would have to choose the Aprilia (I've learned nothing) Tuono V4R 1100 Factory.
    But tomorrow – that might change.

    Q. Give us a day in the life of Bitsar
    I commute by bike which has an uncanny ability to cure Mondayitis.

    The day job is fast paced, interesting and can deliver both high pressure and satisfaction. I can't say I love everyday, however all things being equal it is an exceptionally dynamic field in an ever changing industry – it's a good thing and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you want to stop learning or pivoting your thinking day on day – go do something else.

    Q. There is no doubt that you are one of the more popular netriders, indeed a notable member. What do you put that down to?
    Kind of you to say – not sure. Those poor NertRaiders are so misguided.........

    Q. Speaking of misguided.. Search Results for Query: bitstar Ever thought of changing your name?!
    Hahaha – indeed. BitStar always seems to bubble up, I wonder..........who is that guy?

    Q. I recall you travelling overseas a few years ago. Can you tell us about it? Have you been overseas since?
    Travel is something I am passionate about and believe it to be crucial to ones growth and perception of things.

    For me, travel is not always and only about relaxation – it's about immersing yourself in a foreign culture and being open to the experience.

    After High-school at the age of 18 I packed my bags for Europe like many do before returning to Australia for University.

    Since then I've travelled through Indonesia, Canada and the US.

    My (now Wife, then flame) and I volunteered in Thailand years ago on an Elephant rehabilitation sanctuary – not one of those 'tourist types' – the real deal, it was both horrifying and humanising.

    After marriage ~3 years ago now.....jeez, time passes in strange ways.....we took a belated Honeymoon through Croatia, Greece and Turkey – this was a tourist-centric trip and it was lovely.

    Japan, South America, PNG and Russia are still on the list – amongst others.

    Q. BTW, how did you find Netrider? Have you met other netriders and do you have any tales to tell?
    You know, I really can't recall how I came across netrider – no doubt it was via some moto related query and the Google Machine.

    I have met many NertRaiders over the years – riders in general really are the best people and the NR breed are no different.

    Tales? Sure – but then that would be telling........

    Bikes have been ridden, dropped, stranded, wheelied, taken apart, put back together, modified, bought, sold, loved and longed for.

    And all that in the company of some top quality people, with big hearts, interesting lives and tonnes to offer.

    Q. Any hobbies? What do you do in relax time? Read the forums haha?
    The obvious mention is moto riding - I ride for utility and for release.

    I enjoy the technicality of motorcycling and have completed formal training - this is something I will continue to do. The day you think you know it all is the day you should stop - I don't plan to stop.

    Other than moto I am a keen cyclist and used to race and compete. These days I set the alarm at 5:30am a couple of times a week to turn the pedals. It's dark and quiet at this time and the road is devoid of 'gumbies' (wink to the cyclists amongst us).......

    I am possibly the most relaxed in the kitchen and seriously enjoy a good Red and a challenging recipe.

    Q. You have been granted three wishes.

    Do I go bike related or more life holistic with this?
    1. Religious belief to be acknowledged as a mental illness (too much...........?)
    2. The ability to understand things as others do – without my own preconceptions
    3. I could ride like Valentino........

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  2. Thanks for sharing BitSarBitSar now I finally get the name it's a cracker!!
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  3. That's good one bitsar thank you for sharing
  4. congrats on the baby. no better. good read. thank you.
  5. another great read thanks for sharing BitSarBitSar :)

    Congrats to you both on the baby
  6. Nice one Nick.

    To those who have not followed my adventure along ( Why Would You ) I owe a lot to BitSarBitSar for advice and assistance over the last 3-4 years - Thanks Mate
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  7. Legend. Thanks guys
  8. Awesome..

    Congrats on becoming a father..

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  9. These interviews are so good to find when I open Netrider! Thanks for sharing a bit about your life and what brought you to motorcycling, very enjoyable to read.
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  10. Thanks BitSarBitSar and another great read (y)
  11. And here I was thinking all along it was indeed BitStar

    Excellent read about top quality guy. Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself Nick. Travelling in Russia? Bike ride from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad...are you keen?

    Here's to many more years of "hooligan-ing" with some brilliant photo-evidence shared on NR :snaphappy:(y)
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  12. What I like about these interviews is the opportunity to know more about the people who we are seeing on the forums, a little chance to get to know people a little more. Keep em coming please
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  13. A great read and we get so insight into a NR friend. Thankyou.
  14. thanks for sharing some personal info with us - congratulations to you and Mrs Bitsar on the birth of your beautiful little baby girl and also on the impending purchase of your V4 Tuono!
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  15. Thanks for that. Always good learning more about fellow Nertriders

    Now for the REAL questions to REALLY start knowing you

    1. ATGATT always?
    2. Apple or Android?
    3. Rossi or Marques?
    4. Can you change a diaper in under a minute?
    5. Who would you rather meet - Bill Gates or Steven Spielberg?
    6. Favourite Star Wars episode?
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  16. GeorgeOGeorgeO

    You forgot one very important question

    7. Macchiato or Flat White?

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  17. I started calling him that after some pearler knock down posts in the past. lol

    And congratz on the bub!
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  18. What, no mention of wheelies and civil disobedience!
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  19. Nice one mate.(y)
    Now to important matters...
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  20. Excellent mate, and congrats on the baby.