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An interesting ride home

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jandrew, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Was comming home from work tonight, i went the back way as usually get away from drunks this way. I came around a corner and saw something in the middle of the road, it was an extreamly drunk man, i stoped as someone else had.
    He walked up to my bike and started saying how he had just been hit by a car and shit like that, although he would not let us call an Ambo, the young lady who stoped got on her phone and he got very very angry so she hung up.
    He did not look like he had been hit by anything, was just drunk, he did headbutt himself with my helmet which was strange.
    I parked the bike as he started going on and on about it and i did not want him to try and jump on or anything, i stayed and tried to talk him into going home, which he kept talking about.
    Then he pulled a bueaty and told us how he had only just gotten out of gaol, thats when i thought stuff this i need to get out of here and the look on the young ladys face was about the same.
    He seemed thankful that we had stoped and i told him i am leaving now, i watched the young lady get into her car ( i would not have left her there by herself, this man could have been dangerous) i got on the bike and started it, he was telling me to wait there and he will go and get his bike (the name kept changing). i Said no i have to go, and he started to rev my bike, finally he got far enough away from my bike and i rode off, fast, so the the young lady.
    (there was alot more talking, but there is no point me posting it all)
    It makes me wonder if next time i will stop or not, i mean i am happy i did as the girl was a nurse and really wanted to help, if i was not there the guy may have tried something on her, or not let her leave when she wanted to, but then i mean it could have turned very nasty on me aswell and by the time i get to my bike and start it he could have hurt me badly.

    I have to say if the young lady had not stoped i probably would not have either as it was to dark and very late at night.

    Just had to vent it! as a little shaken by it all

  2. Bud

    I got a similar story.

    Soon after I arrived here from LA (15yrs ago), a ex-friend of mine & I
    went to the Commerce Nightclub, a reggae joint in those days in some
    alleyway in the city. For whatever reason (I can't remember now), we
    both left the club. I still had my top in the Cloak Room so we were always
    going to go back.

    We come across two intoxicated girls (one just about comotose) who had
    been accosted by 4-5 guys (again I can't remember exactly how many)
    but it was a group of em, so we walked with em. It became apparent from
    one girl who was able to talk that they were sisters. 1-2 of the men were
    supporting the pissed girl.

    They were telling us how they'd just gotten outta jail as well & told us
    they were going to "have fun with these girls tonight. Come join us".

    When they said that we backed off but decided we were going to hang
    around to make sure the girls were alright.

    Anyway the guys saw a quiet alleyway & made the two girls come with
    them. The one girl who wasen't that drunk didn't want to go but they
    made her.

    We didn't follow & stayed on the main street watching them walk down
    the alley & turn the corner out of our site. We were in two minds about
    what to do; whether we should stay where we were or sneak up to see
    what they were doing.

    Our minds were made up when we heard one of the girls started crying.

    We both ran down the alley & see the crying girl being held back
    whilst the comatose girl was lying on her back, pants down with one of
    them next to her body doing his thing; the others standing about her.

    They told us both to f*ck off. My friend told em he was calling the Police
    which made them all run off. My mate ran up to the girl who was crying
    & asked her if she was OK etc. Shes still hysterical & said we had to
    get the Police because of what they did to her sister.

    So my friend & her ran off together to get help. I walked over to the
    girl and pulled her pants back up. She was f*cked & not responding to
    me so I knelt down at her head & kept it off the ground.. and just waited
    there for what seemed like ages.

    My mate & the girl come running round the corner with a f*cken horde
    of Police. They were everywhere.

    As soon as the Police saw me, I had a shitload of torches shining in my
    face. They had also pulled out their firearms & aimed at me. My mate &
    the girl was shouting saying I was with them. I didn't even had time to
    rest the girls head on the concrete when one copper has come up behind
    & wacked me just below the neck with his mag light.

    Of course that f*cked me up & I fell forward. They then all pounced on
    me punching & kicking me all over the head & body. Above all the
    commotion I could hear my mate & girl shouting/screaming.

    Next I grabbed by the neck in a head lock & thrown up against the wall
    & this is when I saw my mate up against the wall as well :shock:

    I didn't say a word. I was so scared I still remember my legs shaking
    uncontrollably. My friend was still carrying on saying we were the ones
    who helped them & called the Police. He turned around to talk face to
    face them & they punched him for doing it. He kept talking so they
    kicked him behind the knees which made him stumble & as he stumbled
    they layed into him with their mag lights.

    Two of them then came up behind me & asked me where I was from.

    "Only shit comes from Doveton"

    & for living in that suburb I was punched in the side of the neck.

    By this time I had no idea where the two girls were. All I know is that
    there were cops everywhere. We were then handcuffed & made to walk
    all the way to the cop shop.

    I asked if I could go back to the club to get my stuff. They said no.

    I was walking in front of my mate so I don't know what they were saying
    or doing to him. But for me, the whole time they told me they were
    going to bash me when I got to the station unless I confessed to what
    we did to the girls. I can still remember the intense pain I had in my
    wrists because the whole time the copper was twisting the handcuffs.
    My head, jaw & neck was throbbing.

    I didn't show it but I was shitting myself & with my hands feelig like they
    were going to come off I just felt like letting it all out & cry, but somehow
    I was able to hold on.

    We were both put in seperate rooms.

    After 12 hours of being at the copshop, they decided to let us both go.

    We caught the train home. My mum saw the state of us but refused to
    believe what had happened to us :oops:

    We never spoke about it again but I believe she went to her grave not
    believing what took place :LOL:

    What we went thru was worth it if it meant saving someone from getting
    r*ped, but I tell you what, from that day on, I had an intense hatred of
    Police, and in the following years as I became a loony I bashed & stomped
    the heads of many a cop.. off duty & uniformed. The favour has also
    been returned many a time as well.. but thats not the point [​IMG]

    The f*ckers no longer scare me like they did all those years ago.
  3. Those are some interesting stories which we should all consider. To the original poster: you were a good samaritan by stopping to check if everything was okay and I think it was a good lesson learnt. You have to be careful with intoxicated people, some become very deranged, unreasonable and unpredictable so I think you will be more wary next time. Understandably you wanted to check if the lady was going to get away okay and I would have done the same.

    MG: It was a dispicable bashing by the police but I understand how you were able to bear it knowing you helped prevent a **** and possibly save a life. Im sure you are proud of yourself and your actions and so you should be.
    I work in the security industry so we work with police occasionally. Like any group there are bad apples and you can tell right away who they are by their attitude. They have a really hard and at times shitty job but I have also met a lot of good officers who just want to feed their families and get home safe at the end of the day. I can see how such an abuse of power and inhumane treatment would make you feel though.
  4. they are some intense storys.

    i feel sorry for girls.
    because they can try to help, but there are some bad people out therer that take advantage of that.

    and there are girls out there that drink to much then bad things happen.

    I think its great that you helped out, even if you got bashed at least u saved a girl or girls.
    if only you sued them for the bashings!!!
  5. Sounds like you squared up, at least.
  6. It's great that you both tried to help someone in trouble, you're good samaritans. MG, I'm sorry that you went thru hell, but like you said, at least you stopped that girl being violated.

    And girls reading this - look out for your friends - safety in numbers!! And if you are in a club, and there is a girl worse for wear because of alcohol or drugs, ask if she's ok - we girls need to stick together!!
  7. woah!
    you just reminded me of two fu*ked up times when i found actual dead doods on the road (one in a cage...well most of him). im going to head-butt the wall or something to force them memoirs to the back of the pile again. no wait, another rum might fix that ;)
    ATEoTD, you did what was right, and survived to tell the tale. dont worry for wotif's.

    me too brother :?
  8. just push em away.
  9. 12 people got charged after i was put in a coma for 3 days for being a good samaratin. *edit* MG that sucks dude and i understand your hatred but i haven't been smacked by em while not doing the wrong thing. that shit sucks dude.