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An interesting question from a rider-to-be

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by huntersdad, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to the site like many others here. I think it must be that time of year that every thinks to themselves "Yeah! I'm gonna go get my bike license!".
    I've been reading a lot of the posts throughout the forum and have been very impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience shared amongst the members. Especially for new riders.

    I have a question that I haven't been able to find an easy answer to, so I figured it was high-time to make my first post :)

    What bike should I get? (Sounds silly right? Keep reading ;))
    I'm going to be getting my bike license in the next few months, and have obviously been looking around at bikes, prices and which would suit me best.
    My "biggest" problem is that i'm around 6' 8" and around 150kg (my scales won't give me an accurate reading :p).
    I'm worried that with my height and weight i'm going to start into a corner, get overbalanced and find myself with a face full of gravel.

    I don't think I would have a lot of confidence in most 250's as they are just too small in size. Obviously i'm not going to be able to go out and get a CBR250RR as it will probably get lost up my arse somewhere. :LOL:

    If money wasn't a question i'd go out and get a Yamaha XVS650 (learner legal in NSW), but unfortunately it is.

    Anyone got any suggestions?
    I've been looking out for some bigger older bikes that are learner legal (e.g. CB400, XJ650, GS500 etc...) from this list http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/tests/motorcycleridertrainingscheme/motorcyclesnoviceriders.html
    But it's pretty rare to find anything that's in good condition, let alone running at all :p

    Any "bigger" riders out there that can share their experience/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the huge post!
  2. Dont worry about it.

    Being in nsw and being able to use bigger bikes you will be fine.

    It may be a little different to what you were looking at but somthging like an XR600 / XR650 Honda or Yam TT600 with a set of road/trail tyres would work real well.

    That have a high seat height, heaps of suspension to handle the weight.
    Very Very reliable and cheap.
    Plus they go hard.


  3. Hey Hertz,
    Yeah, I looked at the big XR's and TT's.
    I guess I hadn't really considered them as I wouldn't be going off-road.

    I did originally learn to ride around the farm when I was 14 on an XL185S. So it wouldn't take too much getting used to a bigger dirt bike.

    The missus doesn't like them though because "they don't look very safe". :p

    I guess I may just have to convince her :)
  4. i'd be looking at something like the old XJ650, that'd be a pretty damn good place to start. a big fella like you isn't gunna worry about the extra weight and the power from one of them should be more than enuff to keep you happy for a while. not sure what other bigger multi cylinders are available, but thats a good start for sure :D
  5. HEY Huntersdad, Shellharbour, I live in Balarang, let's get together for a coffee, eh?

    coco's advice about an older XJ650 is spot on, and the old R65 BMW is a lams bike too

    Anyway, I look forward to meeting you

    And, of course, welcome to the fabulous Netrider, where the future is being created today and everything is real (except for the stuff that isn't :LOL:)
  6. Hey Hornet600,
    Balarang eh? Practically across the road! :) We're in Flinders just off Wattle rd.

    Yeah, would be cool to catch up for a coffee. Just PM me with a time/place etc...
    Are there many other Netriders out there from around Shellharbour/Kiama/Wollongong?

    Thanks guys for the advice, i'll definately be keeping my eye out for the XJ650's and BMW R65's.
  8. Yeah, I really like the sports-tourer and naked street style of bike. Quick and powerful, but not knife-edge stuff like the GSXR's and R1/R6's.
    I'd like to be able to ride comfortably and user power when I need it, which is what i'll be looking at to upgrade once i've got my full license.

    So I guess I have two options to start with. Either an XR/TT road-trail, or an older big road bike.

    My fiancé and I are planning on losing weight as part of a new years resolution type thing, so hopefully my weight won't be as much of a factor during my learning stage :grin:
  9. get the biggest bike you can, you'll need the torque :) i cant see you being very comfy on a dirt bike though, very narrow hard seats

    you wont have a problem cornering or anything like that, just make sure you keep your tyre pressures up a bit higher then recommended
  10. Yes, N1GH7-R1D3R is from Wollongong, as is Jmuzz, and Dev8ed (although I haven't heard from him in months). I think there are some others too, but they don't spring to mind immediately

    I HAVE PMd you my mobile, check your messages.
  11. I didn't think about that. The newer model XR seats do look a bit thin and hard. With my budget though I think i'll be looking at the older models that generally have wider and thicker seats. :)
  12. Cool.
    I have quite a few mates from my old work who are all getting their license and bikes. One just picked up an old GPX250 for under $2k.

    Just replied to your PM :)
  13. Dang I have had contact with both of you and I didn't realise where you were exactly. I have life long friends at Flinders and down that way in 2 weeks. I will prolly stay with relies a day or two at Dapto but have friends all over that area, stayed with friends at Jamberoo last time.

    Hornet I have you number so will let you know when I get close to see if we can catchup. At this stage I am doing Bris-Freo, Freo for 4 days then Freo- Sydney. Then duck down to the Gong area for a day or so before riding home to Sunny Coast Qld. At this stage I am thinking 22nd to Sydney then down to the Gong 22-24th then home.
  14. Definitely will be offended if we don't coffee at least, davo :grin:
  15. I'm not as tall as you, but am very long in the body and about your weight(damn scales lie!). I bought an old (1977)Z 650, for a few reasons, one because they are known to be bulletproof, they are simple, parts readily available- even new(just put on a new RH switchblock), and they are cheap. Mine has cost me around $1500 to get on the road with rego and insurance, but budget $2500 if you are going to pay someone. It cost me $600 to buy. It needed a new starter clutch, big tune up (carbs etc) rear tyre and various little electrical things. They are very basic, and very easy to work on. Plus, they are very torquey and it hauls me around in rather rapid fashion! I can cruise around in 5th gear at 60km/h and it will readily accelerate to 90 up hills from that speed in 5th. You can still get go fast gear for them too, I have an electronic ignition kit coming with coils, it even has idle stabilisation. Also available are big bore kits, aftermarket exhausts etc. And heaps in the wreckers for second hand parts.
    One went on Ebay in Sydney just before xmas for $500. The Beemers look O.K, but parts can be pricey from my limited research.
    Older bikes are a good option in my opinion. If they have survived this long, they must be o.k/ looked after at some stage.
    Just my biased, torquey four cylinder opinion!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. i got a couple mates in your catagory.. both tall.. both weighting in at over 150.. one of them rides a 250 virago, and while not fast he has enough room to be able to siton it longer than i can on the accross.. and the other rides an elimainator(or something like) quite comfortably..
  17. I disagree that its rare to find those larger bikes in good condition.

    GS500 or ER5 are both good options, and both can be commonly found for around $3000 in good working order. Rather ironic I think that they're both alot better than any 250cc bikes and also alot cheaper than most of them.
  18. Wow! Sounds like a top bike.
    I've considered the fact that I will probably end up having to spend a bit on an older machine to get it running and roadworthy, but from your story I am encouraged!
    I however am not much of a mechanic (IT geek here :cool: ), so I will have to get someone else to do the work.

    Thanks for the info! :grin:
  19. I guess I was just going from what i've seen in the trading post, eBay and other sources from recent weeks/months. Generally i've found that half-way through reading the description the say that it's been garaged for 10 years and before that it wasn't working or had missing parts etc...

    If i'm patient i'm sure a gem will turn up :)
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