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An interesting observation on my tyre

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. I recently had an Angel fitted on the back of the GSX, and I'm finding I just don't ride enough twisties lately to wear down the very edges of his wings. This will change in a couple of weeks...

    Now, I tend to feel more comfortable pushing into right-handers, but that's not to say I'm uncomfortable in lefties - it just feels like I have more "fine" control.

    Interesting then, that while I was putting the mower away just now, I've noticed the wear is MUCH more apparent out to the LEFT edge of the tyre! I'm well into the wings there, but the right one is hardly touched!

  2. Hope you wear a helmet when using that mower!

    With the bike, I'm the opposite - better in lefty's than righty's. It seems like the bike wants to stand up (i.e. centre itself) when negotiating right-handers and I have to push harder to maintain the corner. If I power on further, she squats down and does what she's being asked to do though. I'm coming up for new tyres soon (currently shod with Diablo Corsa III's) and I think the front is a bit "squared off" on the right hand side so I hope that fixes the problem. Don't remember having this issue with my last bike.
  3. I feel a lot more comfortable on right handers: if I go down, which would most likely be a lowside, I'm off into the bracken. Whereas on left handers, well...I'd better hope there's not a car coming.
  4. Sometimes, this can mean that your wheels are slightly out of allignment. You can confirm by running a string along the wheels.

    Though usually people have a preference, especially to the left where you are not near the centre line. The road camber is a factor as well. People in the US prefer rights.
  5. ... that could explain a bit about their politics over there, too :LOL:

    I think the fact that your OBSERVATION contradicts your FEELING is interesting......
  6. How many left turns v right turns are there on your commute?

    Edit: I just realised that my point is stupid because it will balance out on the way home. derrr.
  7. left turns are tighter than right turns because there is usually a lane between you and the curb on the right..
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  8. Old tyres get a bit stand-upish due to wear patterns. New ones go a long way to fixing that.

    Balance the fall over / stand up thing by changing the front tyre pressure. More pressure = less stand up, more lean in.

    Most people have a side they're happier turning to. I prefer rights, but oddly, I lean more on lefts. Perhaps I mange to hang off better on rights, so the bike needs to go a bit further over on the left to make the corner at the speed.

    You'll get a lot more wear in faster corners. Six or seven 90 deg lefts taken at 60k won't equal the wear of one 90 deg right taken at $1.40.

    We flat spot the middle by cruising along, but it's not actually the middle. The road is cambered from the crown to the edge, and we ride on the left side, so the flat is slightly tilted to the right. That does make a difference to how a worn tyre feels tuning into a left or right. It goes away a bit once you're at a higher lean angle, but it can be quite noticeable as you're trying to tip in.
  9. Awesome discussion for me, thanks all...

    I'd be horrified if that was the case, since I haven't adjusted the chain since the hoop was fitted - easy enough to do tomorrow though, given it's "wash & polish" day...

    Exactly - this is why it interested me enough to post it up.

    Aah see now THIS is very interesting to me - I've been self-analysing to try to work this out, purely as an aid to understanding my own riding...
    There is one turn on my commute, on the way home, which has me hanging off almost every afternoon - it's a longish uphill left, and if the way is clear I'm hanging way off and hoping HWP aren't waiting at the top ;) This tells me that the bike is actually standing up more than most right turns for me, hence my "confusion"!
    I think although I prefer rights, I'm actually more planted and just leaning my upper body in them - I should be getting more lean then, surely?

    Like I said it's not a huge issue, but something that interests me - anything that helps me understand and improve my own style can only be a good thing, in my book.

    Thanks all!
  10. I prefer lefts because I've never crashed on that side and also you don't have your apex in sight when a car comes the over way and blocks it
  11. I prefer left handers.... Was a psychological thing at one point, but it actually his to do with right side of my lower back being stiff after doing nerve damage a couple of times. Lower left of my back is far more flexible allowing me to position myself for left handers more easily.
  12. NiteKreeper, ... that is a truly sick avatar you got yourself there ....
  13. You have to give him credit. Its hard to hold up those stockings.
  14. You know, they have this thing they teach boxers, about not leading with their jaw ....

    If anybody else told me that their fish nets fell down, I'd ask if they'd ever actually worn them, but ...


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  17. pics or GTFO bro;'s hard to comment if cicant see the picoticatls.
  18. JimmyD is right.

    I found I had the same issue (except I liked lefts more than rights) and had someone follow me. What was noticed was that I was getting off the bike more on lefts and using better lines, when it came to rights my body was all wrong and I was pushing the bike away from me and into the corner - so my left chicken strip was bigger but I was going faster and smoother through lefts.
  19. Thanks Holster, I think you're right: I'm gonna need someone to follow me, or at least set up my cam somewhere I can get a better view of myself in the corners.
    My hunch is just like you describe, and although I feel more comfortable I'm just not cornering as "professionally" on right-handers.
    I've mentioned somewhere else that 2012 is gonna be "NiteKreeper's Festival of Fuel" - apart from a whole bunch of riding everywhere between Melbourne and Brisbane, I'll also have the money and the time to get to things like CSS. And in addition to the thrill of getting on a track in itself, I'm really looking forward to learning from the pro's.

    It's funny, but I woke up just after midnight in a cold sweat - it felt like someone was watching me, or at least thinking filthy thoughts about my stocking-tops. Bretto, you bad, bad man... :D
  20. Kreeper, if you find your way up where they bend the bananas, give me a shout. I'll get my people to talk to your people. We'll do lunch.