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An interesting article from the age

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/so...-gamble-well-worth-taking-20110429-1e0pv.html

    I enjoyed the read, and it's good not to read an article or opinion piece that isn't slaying us.

  2. I liked reading that, good find. I hope it will give a little insight to non-riders.
  3. yeah just read it on the age and not already here, would have posted it...
    Good read....
  4. He could drown in that sea-kayak! :eek:

    Brilliant write up, and was glad he was hanging the helmet up for those reasons rather than some motorcycle flaming reason. And 60 too. Champion.

    Good on him!
  5. What a load of crap!

    It's ducati riders who drink lattes, not vespa owners!
  6. what do vespa owners drink? i always thought they drank latte's too!
  7. Nicely captures the mistique of riding. But if you don't have major health issues 60 seems like pretty early to give up riding, to me. But I guess I am closer to 60 than the average Netrider.

    Plenty of Ulysseans around well past that though. And a regular Icicle Ride leader from the BMW Club is well into his 70's. Another BMW club Member who must be into his 60's has been riding the same bike since 1974 and has done over three quarter million kilometres on it.

    My plan is to ride on through my eighties at least.
  8. oooh yeah, that's right baby !, i'm a lean, mean, mechanical centuar :bannanabutt:
  9. it's been raining for one and a half weeks straight now, and looks like another week. good time to give up if you ask me - prior to a rainy winter settling in!
  10. Good article. Will try to find it in the paper now.
  11. Brought a tear to my eye. Wouldn't it be ironic if a shark gets him on his ski.
  12. Great article, a positive point of view for a change.

    I disagree about the whole 'tribal' thing though. Just because I ride a sporty and dress like a power ranger, doesn't mean that I don't want a Harley or a VFR1200 or a KTM. In fact, I'd like to have all of them and a vintage Indian too.....
  13. Yeah, but that's you. This comment of his is generally true.

    You'll get your groups of riders who won't touch "Jap crap" and those who think that cruisers should be banned off the road. I'm sure that if you searched hard enough you'll see heaps of views of this very matter here in Netrider.
  14. Excellent write up,
    Im 63 in 6 weeks time,
    I dont intend giving up riding any time soon,
    I know lots of riders, a lot older then me, into their 70's and a few in their 80's
    I am waiting for the ski season to start, Downhill, Yeeeaaaahhhh

    I stay out of the ocean,
    Thats down right Dangerous,
    Drowning, sharks, crocodiles, Blue ringed octopusses, Etc Etc Etc, It gives me the Heeebie Geeebbies just thinking about it,
  15. Think you may have mis-interperated his comment on the tribal part.

    From my understanding it wasn't what he thought but what he feels a vew held by a large part of the non riding public.

    And he's not wrong there...
    I've experienced it myself last year when I rode to the Springvale cemetary where my father is.
    Some moron was watching me and when I returned to my bike, he approached me and said people like me shouldn't come there with horrible loud hoon machines..
    I calmly replied "don't worry, I sure none of the residents will wake up so f&ck off".

    Hardly think a gs500 with stock exhaust is that noisy....
  16. No, he didn't. The author was talking about the various groups of motorcyclists, from the sports bikes riders to the casual weekend cruiser types, and how not very often shall the twain meet...
  17. Personally, I'm rather insulted that us naked/standard riders don't have some stereotyped characteristics that people can lump us all together with. :p
  18. Your on two wheels,
    Is that a stereotyped characteristic enough to lump you in with the rest of us,
  19. There was something in the australian media not pertaining to the bloody royaltard wedding? I'm shocked.
  20. A quarter of a million km in 36 years? I can see why he's well preserved.

    36 * 365 = 13140.

    250000 / 13140 = 19.02....

    Nice article by the way - enjoyed it.