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An insect sting on the neck nearly ended it for me.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Ride Alot, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. During the weekend a fellow netrider and I with a pillion were riding from Daylesford and heading to the town of Guildford for a break. Halfway there I was stung on the neck by an insect and it hurt like hell for around one minute. It wasn’t an issue as I’ve been stung many times before.

    We reached the good town of Guildford and whilst inside the general store my head started to get itchy then my arms and chest became itchy. My skin came up with a rash all over and I started to perspire. My vision went haywire with everything becoming extremely bright and white like a camera flash that was always on. I staggered outside and eventually the body began to completely shutdown and anxiety had set in. I started to collapse.

    No one knew what was happening to me and the people I was with became frightened and were unable to help. The lady from the store and a customer at the store that was an off duty nurse became very concerned and lent a helping hand. Another customer that lived in Castlemaine happened to have some antihistamines and offered them to me. I took one and pretty soon things became better. An hour later I had recovered a fair bit and was able to ride again.

    These three ladies saved me and I thank them.

    On the advice from the nurse I visited my doctor when I got home and received two injections. One in the arm and one in the butt and was also given some medication.

    I don’t know what type of insect stung me. I have never had a reaction to a sting and I do not know if I will ever have another one but from this point on I will always carry a packet of antihistamines. An EPIPEN would most likely be better.
  2. yikes, lucky the symptoms didn't kick in when you were actually riding.....

    you meet nice people everywhere, those ladies sound really special
  3. They were on Hondas.

    I was stung out there on my wrist and it swelled and pained me for days following, which is unusual. There's something weird out there.
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  4. Indeed they are special and I am unable to express in words how thankful I am.
  5. Strangely vicious Australian fauna nearly kills someone, full story at 11.

    In related news, 3am expected to be dark.
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  6. Now that the joke's out of the way, glad you're ok!
  7. Lucky you that the antihistamine did its trick. Depending on the type of allergy you have, it might not have worked and things could have ended a lot worse.

    You might want to get some tests done to find out what you're actually allergic to. An EPI Pen is only a good idea if you know what reaction you may have.
  8. just read this, glad you're ok, would have been great to have known what stung/bit you, yeah I know too late she cried but would sguuest as Garido said, get tested!!
  9. Similar thing happened to me two years ago on boxing day, got new leathers for xmas so I went for a ride and as I was nearing home I flipped my visor up and had a bee smack me just under the eye. When I made it home I only just managed to get my helmet off in time before my face became a football. I found out I'm allergic to bees and spent 5 days in hospital and 7 days home nursing. So now my visor stays down all the time.
  10. I copped a dragonfly in my open visor on friday night. Didn't sting me but almost crashed out of the thuck! Buzz and overall unexpected WTFness. Visor down.
  11. Indeed. Tests highly recommended.

    If you have an allergy severe enough to put you into anaphylaxis, then you shoudl definitely be carrying an epipen. Possibly though, your allergy isnt quite that severe as normal antihistamines did the trick. Either way you should definitely ask your GP about getting tested.

    Have a look here:

  12. are you sure it was a bug and not the pillion shoving a dagger in your neck ???... wow mate thats pretty intense
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    Were you killing kittens? Knowing vicpol I wouldn't be the slightest bit shocked if they used bees as a new tactic.

    Bee guns!
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  14. EpiPens are considered a 'safe' medication, that can be administered to anyone, and thus can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy.

  15. Are you absolutely sure about that?
    If so you learn something new.
  17. Glad you're OK. This is one thing that does scare the shit out of me with riding a bike. I'm allergic to bees, so, a sting around the neck area would be.... less than ideal.... I tend to wear a balaclava most of the time that covers my neck etc, but, I often have my visor up (at least a little bit). It would be interesting to know what the insect was if you ever find out. MattB, can I take it you were on the same ride? Same type of insect?
  18. Mate, Glad you're ok, Sounds like a bee sting for sure. Go get tested. I reckon you should go buy a lotto ticket!! My son has a peanut allergy so we carry an Epipen wherever we go. Kids birthday parties are the worst as they eat everything and it's un controlled. The little guy had a massive reaction after eating a foreign chocolate substance given to him in a lolly bag. (checked the label and in 4 point type it read, contains peanut butter!!) Mouth, lips and throat swelled up, raised rash over his entire body, farken scary, raced him up to hospital for some IV adrenalin.
  19. According to what I was told in my first aid course a couple weeks ago that is true.
    Anyone can buy one, but it is MUCH cheaper if you have a prescription i.e. $15 vs $75.
  20. Ah anyone can buy one, but it's not "safe for anyone" and should NOT be used unless absolutely necessary to save a life. It's not the sort of thing the average person should have in their first aid kit "just in case" though carrying standard antihistmines isnt a bad idea.

    I base the above on a 2-day St Johns first aid course I recently completed.

    Interestigly while I couldn't find anything specific on that on their website I did find this which may be usful to iPhone users.

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