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An Immortal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully, yesterday, wearing jeans, runners and a T shirt, no gloves.

    Splitting the evening peak traffic, which is moving at 60 kmph, he then gets into a lane and rolls to the lights with both hands off the bars.

    This bloke is gunna live forever. :roll:
  2. You didn't bow to his coolness? :p
  3. Watch out calling him an Immortal.
  4. +1 to that.... my first thought after reading the topic was... what did MG do now :p
  5. :roll:
  6. :roll: :roll:
  7. //initializing rant session
    what if he didnt wear a glove or a motorbiking jacket.... theres no rules that if u want to ride a motorbike on the road, u need to wear all of those stuffs.
    C'mon, in all the 10years i have been motorbiking....this is the first time I ever wore a proper motorbike jacket and gloves to just ride it around on the streets or going for a tour.
    If I had to die in an accident for not wearing protective gear...10years is a long time for things to happen, but never did :)

    his life...let him wear what he is comfortable with, if he is confident enough about his riding style, maybe he doesn't need protective gears apart from a helmet (helmet = mandatory rule in here)

    //end of rant session. :cool:
  8. Was he wearing a helmet? :?

    Good to have squid thread season back again :)
  9. pffft .. Those immortals are just puppy dogs. :LOL:
    Hell, I'd have those guys for breakfast.

    Wonder how they like their eggs :wink:
  10. Can we please lock this! I'm sick of these squid threads appearing every day or so, it's just old.

    Oh and Loz,

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. In fact just this morning, I rode to work in just my undies! It was great!! except for my thighs sticking to the bike...
  12. Seems to me, what he did was somewhat less silly than starting yet another squid thread. :roll:

    Perhaps if you really must start this type of thread you could save it until such a time as you see a female rider doing wheelies in the nude...., and make sure you get pictures. :)
  13. Why? They have copyright on the word too?
    Did ya hear Dave on Vega FM the other day going off about the HA's?
  14. :shock: Vega!?!?!... pu$$y... ;) :p
  15. These threads are kind of like saying "Hey, did you see that guy, driving a car without airbags?".
    I wear as much protective gear as I can. This will be my first summer riding a bike, and I am kind of suprised by the number of people I have seen in t-shirts and it's not even October, but that's their worry.
  16. Guess who's a middle aged house wife.
  17. No, they don't. In fact to be precise the word itself could not be protected by Copyright Law.
    What they (and any other outlaw club) do have is a rather "protective" streak regarding thier name, colors etc.
    I (personally) refrain from wise cracks about any of these groups. It's safer. I leave them be, they leave me be...
    Honestly you never know here who is an affiliate / member / prospect etc..

    For the reasons above i think his behaviour is a little silly. But most "clubs" won't hassle a media personality, it's not worth the PR.
  18. Gotta luv your replies MG !
    Never fail to colour an otherwise drab post

    [​IMG] :wink:
  19. This is so hypnotising! I've forgotten what this thread was even about!