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An hour of crashes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Just found this video:

    Some highlight again and again - don't treat road as a racetrack.
    Quite a lot of food for thought.
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  2. I managed to 6:06 and the seat axe to the back was too much for me.
  3. Still watching. Some crazy shit there.

    So many dickheads on the road too.
  4. The scary ones are the helmet cams, when the rider goes down just before/ or at the start of the turn. And it didn't look like they were going too fast. But it looked like: tilt, fall. :(

    Just like the latest from rnickey mouse. I don't know how they just 'fall off'.
  5. Not sure why you'd watch this......?

    Crashing is not fun........or funny.....

    I know you've had your off's and I hope you've learned from them.......dwelling on them will not help......

    What I am getting at is this:

    If you get on a bike thinking that you "might" crash then you've already decided it's on the cards.......

    Alternatively, if you get on a bike determined NOT to crash - even moreso......with a strong reason NOT to crash .......you are mentally riding rather than mentally avoiding.....

    Every time I get on the bike I have a little routine......it is a way of telling my body that my mind is the control mechanism......it is a ~20 second "mantra" of movement and process which forces me to realise what it is I am about to do......

    No I am not a racer.....I'm no hero.......

    Thinking about what you are about to do is much more than actually doing it...

    My 2c
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  6. BitStar, Could you explain your process for this, I'm genuinely interested and have been thinking about doing something similar before rides.
  7. Sure....no problem

    Left glove first......:)

    Seriously though - this is part of it....

    You need to find your own "mantra" - mine harps back to track sprinting etc,,,,,

    For me it is....

    Key in.....let fuel pump settle....let servos rest and atmo reading adjust......

    Helmet on.....

    Ugly fish glasses on.....

    Let bike sit....wait for three to four dash blinks then starter.....

    Left glove on.....

    Right glove on.....

    Mount......push bars down.....head check (even in the garage).....

    Game On!

    Done :D

    Yes I am one anal-retentive sonofabitch........
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  8. so this is where im going wrong- i normally put my gloves on first. then try to put my helmet on with the gloves on, then give up after a while, take the gloves off, do the helmet clip up, gloves back on, then ride off with my jacket zip mostly open and the key still in the front door- which is usually open... lol

    but yeah bitsar- im not sure why anyone would want to watch that crap either...
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  9. this is linked off that vid you posted cl- lol
  10. In the eternal words of Adam Savage......"There's ya problem"

  11. I put my left glove on first too. No, really! Want to know why? Because when I first wanted to learn to ride, I came on NR and read it somewhere and it got stuck in my head, so even though I know it's a piss-take, when I go to put my gloves on, something in my brain says "left glove first!"

    Cheers, Netrider!
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  12. Lefty goes on first for me too. :)

    So your routine is effectively putting your mind in to a state of focus.
    I believe this heightens your awareness, and specifically in the case of riding, how you perceive and evaluate what's going on around you.

    I will try to do something similar, but mine may involve a "you and the bike are one..." type speech, but not as cheesy. :D
  13. ^^^

    Just take time to THINK before you ride.....

    A physical process may help......

    I find comfort in routine.....
  14. Sorry BitSar for spelling your handle the way I did.

    Thanks for your advice.
    In my head, I'm likening it to putting on your shorts and runners and you switch in to training mode.
  15. I watched until about half way through - but found great comfort in observing that the majority of these crashes, even if technically/legally not the rider's fault, would not have happened if the rider hadn't been doing something monumentally stupid at the time.

    A couple of gruesome ones in there though :S
  16. Ha!, What are the odds.. Someone else found this video too. It just popped up in my recommended videos list. It's strange it's been up for nearly a month and it didn't come up in my last crash video search.
  17. Hmm, It's a good motto to "not dwell on crashing", But I'm pretty sure none of these guys ever though they would. There is a difference between fearing the bike/road and having a very healthy respect for it.

    I find personally with anything I do (go-karting, driving my car, riding my bike, riding my road bicycle) there is always that knowledge in the back of my mind that pushing it too hard/far will result in "that video". I don't see it as a weakness, I see it as operating at my 70% limit. I'm not sure what would be scarier, Never riding a bike due to fear or riding a bike with no fear.

    I would love to hear from someone who races hard, where their mind is pre-race.

    At the moment I'm deciding if I want to purchase a dirt bike or a track bike to have some fun at speed. :LOL:

  18. +1 from the small bit of the video I watched, heaps of those crashes were caused by the rider doing something stupid.

    I like the bit at the end where the dude rides the bike to go to the toilet :)

    And can someone tell me which bit to skip to to see this guy crash?

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  20. ^ ^ ^

    Hahahaha thanks for that.

    "The sun does not... The sun does not have no prisoners....OH SHIT"

    Wonder what the hell could he be talking about :p
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