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An ex-motorcycle thief does a Q&A on Reddit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jaguarfanster, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Wow, what a read. So much stuff you don't even think about on a day to day basis.
  2. Yeah I found it awesome as pretty much every bit of security I thought was effective seemed to be easily circumvented.
  3. This has been up before, a while ago.
    Worth a read if you haven't yet. Will make you angry though.
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  4. I remember reading his posts before from a thread on nr BUT not on the forum linked where it had countless amounts of Q n A afterwards if I remember correctly
  5. It's a good read, who better to tell you what security measures are effective and which ones aren't than a guy who knows how to bypass them? Very interesting indeed!
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  6. Lol another reditor?. I posted the same thing a few days ago, it's only 10 threads below yours :p

    Regardless it's still an awesome read. With the gorilla alarm the guy said he'd push the bike around to sound the alarm, wait for the owner to come out, and hide. Then he'd repeat the process until, either the owner thinks the wind is playing up and disables the alarm, or ignores the alarm altogether. Then...theft. Bloody hell.
  7. Smarter owners would look for him in the bushes or watch the bike from a hiding spot further away and sneak up clubbing the guy in the head with a massive rock. Why do criminals always think they are so smart? They are usually semi retarded
  8. I think it's worth noting what the guy uses on his own ride to keep it less-nickable. If it was worthless, I really doubt he'd use it.
  9. those massive f uck-off chains seem to be effective when put through the frame or swing arm brace.
    maybe thats why they cost $200 and weigh 5 kg

    the bastard pros have their own wheels so they can just take off the original that has a lock
    also removing the disc rotor seems popular

    sorry for re posting
  10. i always did believe in capital punishment....
  11. Pathetic "not my fault" attitude.
    Too little too late and will be for a long time.
  12. Fascinating read. It blows my mind to think that a 'proper' thief would go to the effort of removing a disc rotor to bypass a disc lock. Most of the theives we may (hopefully not) have to contend with are probably the drugged out, knuckle dragging oaf types, who arguably won't go to as much effort.
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    i don't know what is worse, the bogan scumbag or the professional scumbag

    romans had the right idea, a little crucifiction never hurt anybody.
    a head on a pike might deter the scum a little bit

    lol the BEST bike security = fashion a spike from your mirror stalk and stick the last guy who tried to steal its head on there
  14. Brings back bad memories, I've had two cars stolen both had steering locks they got past that and the cars were gone, so with my bikes I try to make it as hard as possible to the point of being a pain in the arse. Kill switchs are good but if they want it they will take it .
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    the scum also said removing the clutch lever was a simple way to make your bike unride-able

    actually i find that scum actually has a grudgingly likeable quality about it, calling people scum is only complementing them.

    same thing with rats