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An end to the chapter...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not crash thy motorbike more than three times and live to tell thy tale.

    My first accident occurred around 3 months ago. Many of you know the story and I'm feeling oh so lazy so I will not go into it... The end result that hurt the most was:
    A/ Out of a job that i really enjoyed b/c od a leg injury
    B/ A long and tiring wait to get the bike on the road.

    November, 21st, 2008: After many-a sweat, blood, tears and hard earned cash, I was pleased to say that all my hard work had paid off and the bike i thought I wouldn't have ride-able til mid '09 was up and running better than ever. Oh life was great. Having recently taken a job in Artarmon, the commute was quicker and less painful than having my knees jammed in my ears in the tiny mazda 2, or smelling other people's stinky breaths and odurful armpits on public transport. As if life couldn't be any better?
    The weekend hits. You can't quite tell where the ocean meets the sky on the horizon. You don't really care. All you know is the sun is smiling and you are staring at beautiful open road. Life is bliss.

    December, 5th, 2008: The rain is forever coming down. I haven't ridden in the rain in over 3 months. As I think about the commute home I picture people [nervously driving their cages in the rain. Not sure if they should accelerate, brake, or both at once... Should I indicate, then change lanes, or vice versa? Should I check my blindspot? Or is whatever is happening in front of me more importnt - because it IS raining... I picture the oily intersections and bridges that draw the roaring winds across them.]
    Thankfully, I arrive home. In one piece and unscathed. I can't wait to get back on the road in the dry! It's such a better feeling having just ridden in the wet.

    December, 8th, 2008: The beginning to a new week, the beginning to the final week. Work is cutting off early and we have an extra week of holidays. One more week to get through. 4:30pm finally rolls around and I'm down to the carpark and straight onto my bike. It's such a pleasant day. I make my way from Artarmon to St. Leonards with no problem. In fact a kid walking by with his mum pointed and waved to me. Oh how cool I am on my CBR 250 RR... Only to him thought, until an R1 rolled by and grabbed his jaw-dropping attention... meh "i'm still fcuking cool" i think to myself and chuckle a little.

    The bus lane is empty, the three lanes to my right are backed up til who-knows-when and I'm cheering!! I cross the intersection of Military Rd and Warringah Freeway, and what happends next, I'll never forget.

    Ahead of me, about 4 car lengths, is a car, a silver, old style mitsubishi Lancer. This car indicated and pulled out to cut across the bus lane into a side street immediately as I'm riding along at 60. As soon as I saw her coming out, I kicked off the accelerator, clutch in and applied both front and rear B's. WTF?? SHE STOPPED. dead set in the middle of the bus lane!!! Taking up the WHOLE lane on an angle as if she wanted to turn left. Problem is as she turned, she saw me coming and hesitated and stopped dead in her tracks. I could go left or right to avoid her. I just kept squeezing those brakes and hoped for the best. The best was me rear ending her in her Back-Left 1/4 panel and face planting her rear windscreen.

    NOOOO!!!!!!! My baby!!!!! I only JUST fixed this thing with my bare hands a week earlier.

    Luckily I came out of it good. Although my knee made some heft contact with her car as well, so it's swollen and bruised.

    And it sucks because as far as I know, if I ran up the back of her then it's MY FAULT. The police came and took statements blahblah blah and they said they will go back to the station and review it to find out who was at fault. Almost a week later I have not heard from them. But considering of what happened, I cannot see them ruling in her favour. The Cop did say you have to give room to stop. I explained to him it was like travelling @ 60km/h and having a magical brick wall pop up put of no where 15m ahead. From my understanding, at that speed you need about 35m. I did everything I could. Buffering, applied brakes smoothly but heavily

    So, 2 accidents in about 3 or 4 months. I'm not taking anymore chances as I came out really well from both of them and do NOT want another accident haha

    It's a shame it had to come to this but it has.... hopefully, when I can afford it, I'll be back on the 2 wheels again in a few yrs! :cry:
  2. sorry to hear that mate, maybe its a sign who knows, ever thought about taking a couple of advanced stay upright courses?? if u feel nervous to get back on a bike now that mightbe your go to get your confidence back
  3. so you were riding down the bus lane?
    can you draw a pic of the accident?
    i like pictures :p

    so you're giving up riding, based on the fact you've had 2 accidents, and dont want any more?
    well it is your choice mate, but i think you should keep at it. possibly take it a bit easier, i dont know your riding style, but hey.
    i crashed 7 days after getting my licence, narrowly avoiding a corner signpost (looks like |>>>| )while performing a forward somersault at 60km/h. did $1200 damage to the bike, a naked.
    3 months later, i found some oil while taking a corner, and the front washed out, we both went for a slide. again lucky to avoid any injury courtesy of my gear, but the bike ended up being a write off.
    2 accidents in 3 months, and i am heartbroken every dayi cant ride the bike, be it because it was being repaired, replaced, or as for the past 9 months, i've been suspended.

    all im saying is dont give up if you think you're accident prone. do something about it.
    it's raining? well go for a ride, for the sake of getting practice in the wet!
    heavy traffic? jump in!
    get as mcuh experience in all conditions as you can, and you find yourself more and more ready for situations as they pop up in front of you.
    i did 35,000km in 7 months. i think 5,000km maximum would be commuting, even though i dont have a car. the rest, purely coz i love it.
    do you enjoy riding?
    if so, think about what you can do to change the situation, not just avoid it by not riding.
    even if it means buying a postie bike coz thats all you can afford :grin:
  4. you are right nibor, but it's not JUST the accidents that have temporarily steered me away.... and if i already had a car, wasn't recently married AND had a child on the way then there would be nothing stopping me from getting back on and going at it again... it hasn't frightened me out of riding, just made me realise i have other things to worry about at the moment than the bike. as i said though, whether it be 1 or 5 years down the track, I WILL be back on :p
  5. also in regards to the accident itself, if you were in a lane you were allowed to be in, and she cut across or into that lane, you could argue she did when unsafe to do so, ie you were too close to her at a certain speed for her to be able to enter/cross the lane safely. this resulted in the accident.

    again, more details, and pictures :p would be helpful
  6. 21, no car, married, and kid on the way. thats the poorest excuse i've ever heard :p you're lucky im in a nice mood today though, i've taken the time to identify your problems, and come up with some solutions. you need to divorce the wife, get the snip, and take an oath never to obtain a car licence, like i have :cool:

    fark you are keen arent you! hmm in that case i can understand your perspective completely.
  7. erk, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.....
  8. You were married? :p
  9. shame life goes on

    does that mean u have a cheap crashed cbr for sale?
  10. Wow! I don't know why the fcuk she stopped there! That's nuts! :shock:

    Unfortunately for you, it looks more like following too close rather than failure to give way, so I think you'll (or your insurance) end up paying for it.

    Don't let it get you down. I just cleaned up my shed, throwing out broken bits from the 3 different bikes I've had in the past 6 yrs (some dropped more than once although the er6 was hit but not dropped). In my trail riding days, 3 stacks was an uneventful, kinda boring morning and therefore something to "work on" after lunch. :grin:

    The damn things only have 2 wheels so they're bound to fall over. The vast magority of times it doesn't even kill you so stop stressing, fix the babyblade again and get back out there. It's ok, you learn to be sensible and crash proof eventually. :)
  11. That sucks :( It's just poo really. But make sure you get back on a bike sooner or later! Riding has given me the freedom a car never could, and I'd never let a moronic driver take that away from me!
  12. With a wife and expected kid, kudos for making the decision to stop riding after the stacks.

    However going back to a car will be hard. I drove to work 2 days last week. My 5th and 6th time behind the wheel in 6 months. I was faced with peoplel doing 20-30 under the speed limit and being stuck behind cars taking off from lights at a snails pace. Also the journey which would be considered a brilliant run, was 45 minutes.... i do it in 25 on the bike without even trying.

    Going back to a car is going to be harder than you think!
  13. WTF was she thinking?

    At the very least the police could ping her for turning from the wrong lane - if she wanted to turn left she should have done so from the bus lane - and probably for stopping in an intersection.

    Fingers crossed everything turns out OK for you, and hopefully that break from riding won't be for very long at all...
  14. possibly... yes, i'll find out what i can do with insurance etc...

    i know, although as i said, it's only temporary that i'm off the bike. I'll still go through to obtain my full licence though :)

    I can't see this being the outcome because she turned from the 2nd lane... I was following no one. If this does turn out to be the out come then i'll be shitting bricks everywhere lol

  15. Just spoke to the police. They found that the other party was @ fault!!

  16. Thats crazy
    i thought if u hit someone from the back - ur at fault, regardless of the situation etc...
    so - well done!
  17. thats what i thought too :shock:

    i'm going straight to the insurance before they change their mind lol
  18. I think that the way she was merging may have made a difference. I.e. if a taxi merges into my lane and i hit his back panel, he will be at fault.

    It's all a load of tripe though, why call it an accident! It's a stupiditient! Plain and simple!
  19. find me a law that says this, Eve, and i will believe it. its a common misconception, as in alot of circumstances if you run up someone's arse it's your fault, but not every situation.

    good to hear you were not found at fault mate :)

    a side note, are you guys allowed to ride in the bus lane in NSW? in general, or only to turn soon up ahead etc? only bikes?
    down here, bus lane means buses ONLY, bike lane means bikes ONLY etc. you can only enter to turn 100m ahead or something.