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An end to telemarketing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Taken from here

    About time they did something about this :dance:

  2. Does the law cover companies from Bangalore?? Doubt it...
  3. Makes no difference to out of country operators calling you. :(

    Plus most of our uninvited calls are from charities.
  4. yep i doubt it will actually help much. But its a start.
  5. Hmm, thought it might still apply though to overseas calls on behalf of Australian companies - most of the calls I get are for mobile phones and home loan refinancing (Aussie companies using foreign call centres).
  6. Sounds interesting, but ultimately a waste of money. $30 million is a joke.

    I'd rather they put in harsh penalties for spammers, i.e. rubber-ring style castration.
  7. Empty (yet expensive) gesture, since it has so many escape clauses as to be virtually meaningless.
    Personally I opted out long time ago, for a one-off outlay of about 80 dollars, because that's how much my answering machine cost me. Now I always screen my calls, and I have no more problems with telemarketers. Friends know they have to speak up to make me answer my phone, those who don't know that have no business calling me in the first place.
  8. Simple solution - get yourself one of those premium service line which charges incoming calls at 5 dollars a minute. Chat away, about anything and everything to these jokers, and watch the cash roll in... that's if they could be arsed paying to call you
  9. It costs $20,000 to set up one of those lines.

    I was looking into it for a while. Don't ask what the premium service was :)
  10. hmm.... maybe it's not the best option then :)
  11. I think we need AI's to answer the phone and ascertain if it's worthy of our limited attention spans.

    Tele-Salesman: Hello, my name is XXX. I'm calling from XXX. We are conduction a short survey.....

    AI: I curse you and all of your children for the next 10 generations....goodbye.
  12. Just do what I do (if you can?) and hand the phone straight to your 4yr old son :LOL: He will talk sh#t to them for way longer than they are willing to hang on :LOL: He loves it, just chatting away meaningless 4yr old dribble about kinda, toys etc.
  13. I've been just putting the phone down on the counter, or just saying "hello", "Hello", "Hello". . . .

    But this is brilliant. My 16 month old might even be better!
  14. i'm thinking outside the box here.....

    ok so i dont have a kid, what i'm thinking is that you should record say 10mins of 4yr old dribble and sell it as a "telemarketers solution"
  15. Yes put your phone number on the register, then how do the Telemarketers know not to call you :? simple give that number to said telemarketers and tell them they are not to call it :facepalm:
  16. I do one of the following:

    1/ Echo everything they say.

    2/ Act like a 4 year old and see how far I can string them along.

    And my favourite lately:

    3/ Say, "Hang on I'll go get him for you" and then just leave the phone on the counter, off the hook. About half hour later I go back and just hang it up. (Its got to cost them something to be hanging on from India or wherever)

    I've got to get myself a speaker phone so I can hear just how long they are willing to wait for!

    I used to hate their calls, now I look forward to them so I can mess with em! :grin:
  17. The US already has a register like this and it seems to be quite effective from what I have read.

    The fines that the US dish out fine the company marketing the the product, not the telemarketing company from what I understand. Ie. The fine goes to "Colgate Toothpaste" not Bangalor Call Centre.

    More information about the US "Do Not Call" Register is Here

  18. last one i had i was minding my just under 2 year old nephew! i gave him the phone and all he dose when he gets it is say hello over and over!!!
  19. Just do the Seinfeld solution to telemarketers...

    “I'm sorry, I'm a little tied up now. Give me your home number and I’ll call you back later. Oh! You don’t like being called at home? Well, now you know how I feel.”
  20. Or you could just yell "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"

    That'd throw em!