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an effed up weekend

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. well friday & saturday totally sucked for me.
    Went to the BDO on Friday, met up with Mat from my band & we checked out the Shiny Brights who were awesome. Miranda, our singer, was coming with her boyfriend Rob & a couple of other mates at 12pm to catch Birds of Tokyo.

    when they weren't there by 20 past 12, i gave her a ring. She said they would be a while still...since their next door neighbour died that morning & Rob's mum found her. They were talking to the cops & ambulance people.

    anyway they eventually get there at 1:30pm & we have a great day watching some awesome bands.

    I had to work Saturday so I headed off at 11pm, i offered to give the guys a lift but they said they wanted to walk through town to get home so i left them & went home.

    Saturday morning I get a phone call: Miranda, Mat & Rob were assaulted Friday night about 2 hours after I saw them while walking home.
    Basicly some guy just started chatting to them, asked how the BDO was etc, and then invited them to his place. when Miranda said 'nah mate, i'm going home I'm tired' the guy flipped & started smacking them out. He punched Mat in the face twice, when Miranda went to help Mat he smacked her in the face & broke her nose, and then when Rob tried to help her & get the guy to stop, he punched him in the face too. Rob fell down, hit his head on a railing, and while he was on the ground the guy kicked him in the head.

    They managed to all get up, ran to a cab with the guy chasing them.

    the attacker got in anothe cab so Rob rang the cops & gave them the cab's licence plate. To the South AUstralian Police Force's credit, the guy was arrested in 10 mins.

    Meanwhile, Mat has a fat lip, Miranda's nose is broken, and Rob as a black eye & fat lip.

    they got patched up & made reports to the cops, the attacker is charged with assault & is being held until his bail hearing.

    pretty shitty end to a good day.

    then to cap it all off, one of our friends died suddenly of a brain haemorrage on the weekend too. He's a computer consultant & was in Johanesburg for work & discovered dead in his hotel room. He was 35.

    I'd like a reset button for the weekend please.
  2. Holey sh!t. What a weekend from hell.
    Here's your reset button.
  3. Ah fcuk Edgy, that really sucks balls. :( So sorry to hear about it.

    That's one of the reasons I do so much self defence practice, you just don't know what muppets are out there. :evil:
  4. not good, not good at all. if its worth anything at all was the BDO any good. birds of tokyo must have been impressive live. i hope you all heal up nice and quick and that tool who decided to go mental on you guys nails his hand to a desk or something.
  5. WOW. :shock:
    That's a TERRIBLE weekend.
    Real sorry :cry:
  6. OMFG, sorry to hear that!

    At least things can only get better now?!?!
  7. That is definently a character building weekend.
  8. What has the wonderful country come to when people are being randomly bashed in the streets :( ????

    Sorry to hear about the lousy weekend, Tash, but I WAS relieved when I read the thread to find that you HADN'T crashed the bike <phew> :LOL:.
  9. That is a really shitty weekend, by anyones standards! Hang in there, there will be a completely opposite weekend to make up for it sometime!
  10. Sorry to hear about the weekend and glad the bloke got his piece, i'd love to stomp that POS's head in for being such a farkwit.

    I thought systema was about one dude walking around awkwardly and everyone having fake knives and falling over around him. :?

    Well at least thats what i picked up from the demo vids of it :LOL:
  11. That really is a horrible weekend.

    Glad everyone is still in 1 piece more or less and glad that wanker "might" get whats coming to him
  12. Come play sometime ;)
  13. ^ What he said. It's terrible that one guy can terrorise three of you like that.
  14. thanks for the thoughts guys
    Yeah was pretty bad, where he attacked them he had them cornered & they couldn't get out...
    heres hoping they get the guy good.
  15. I tried, i can only ever find seminars in Sydney and they cost a bloody fortune. I was training in Krav Maga for a bit and that was pretty fun, i've been through a whole host of MA's, i've been trying to find a place that does systema to suss it out (because from what i've seen it looks like bollocks).

    Can you point me to a school in Sydney? I'd be happy to go there for a few months to suss it out.
  16. wow what a nightmare!! hope things start looking up soon.
  17. Spewin, Edgie. Hope the cops gave him a flogging.
  18. I also, hope he resisted arrest and then fell down the stairs.
  19. Yeah they're not cheap mate but they are worth the money

    pm sent mate
  20. UPDATE

    well the clown who attacked them is pleading 'not guilty'
    he is claiming someone else must have attacked them & they are just blaming the first guy they saw

    and there are no security cameras where it happened.

    so miranda, rob & mat all have to provide DNA samples now, so the cops can match the blood all over the guys shirt & pants to them, otherwise they don't have a case.