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An eBay auction for D Stump??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rourkster, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Not sure what the go is with this..... :)

  2. Messy divorce and she gave him the boot????

    LOVE the thread title, mate, up there with the best :LOL:.
  3. ha ha! you're a classic rourk!

    keep a look out for the left foot only please :wink:

    oh, and the bra with slightly more padding on the right

    oh, and something for the lazy left eye

    oh and um :roll: a tool for the freakishly small cl.........
  4. I was thinking it was something that you didn't kneed, Jax :LOL:.
  5. thats so funny i think it may have been unintensional paul
  6. Yeah, it was a bit lame..........
  7. Phew! I must admit I posted this with a little trepidation as there was that little voice in the back of my head saying "what if this gets taken the wrong way?" I knew it wouldn't, mind you, but I'm glad all the same. Keep that spirit Jax. :wink:
  8. good on you guttsy simon. we cant live in a world thats ruled by the wingers who have no personality!

    stump em out! :cool:
  9. Its been used twice. Maybe once on each foot?
    I'm tempted to ask a question on it.
  10. The same seller also has a "new" hair dryer that only blows cold air!

    Maybe they also have a fridge that cooks pizza?
  11. The sellers "selling" feedback is interesting.
    fridge, golf clubs, bar fridge, 2.5 seater couch and a dating rules handbook.
    Someone has had their (her) heart broken..... :cry:
  12. Couldn't help myself, asked the seller what happened to the left one!
  13. I think you'll find it's still planted in the backside of a "him". :)
  14. Ah well then all is good! For a minute I was worried that it may have been an accident!
  15. lady yamaha wrote

    the right boot may be still lodged firmly up mans buttocks hmm?

    2wheelsagain wrote

    that's probably another item that belonged to 'him' :LOL:
  16. I'm guessing, just going by her sold gear etc.
    I wonder if they will answer?
  17. Here's the answer I got:
    Sorry, the left was faulty so we returned it and received a new pair... They took away the faulty one, but let us keep the right, hence only have the right. Thanks :)

    So the actually have 3 boots.................
  18. ok, so not only do they have 3 shoes but they get their left and right mixed up.

    thanks for the reply. good on em 4 putting it up there, god knows what they were thinking

    [hm, maybe a kitten would like this]

    [oh im sure there's a pirate out there who would buy this] etc
  19. Great for those with a really cool hairstyle perhaps? :p :LOL:
  20. "I'm Jake the Peg, diddle diddle diddle dum.
    With my extra leg, diddle diddle diddle dum........." :LOL: