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VIC An apology to Melburnians

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rourkster, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Back in February I flew down to Melbourne and hired a car to drive to a friend's baby's christening in Sale. Yesterday I received an Infringement Notice from VicPol that tells me I was doing 85 in an 80 zone in the Burnley Tunnel at 8am on a Saturday morning. I would therefore like to apologise to all Melbourne motorists for the grave danger I placed you all in by doing 5 kays over the limit and hope that no one has been killed or maimed by my ridiculous actions. I am humbly chastened.

    Now, having pulled my tongue out of my cheek, I ask - how the hell do you guys keep your licences down there? I knew about your lack of speed tolerances and set the cruise control on the hire car accordingly but still got knocked off for 5 kays over. No self respecting Highway Patrol officer would look at a motorist until they were 10 kays over. When do you get a chance to vote Bracks out?
    <end rant>

  2. The problem is not 'when do we get to vote Bracks out' it's 'Who the fcuk can we vote in who will actually change the laws?'

    And in regards to your first question, many of us don't keep our licenses. :cry: On the upside, actual police cars generally won't pull you over unless you're doing 10km/h+ over the limit - it's only the fixed and mobile cameras from private operators that get you for 2-3km/h over. :p
  3. It's all about hazard perception.. :p :wink:

    Camera's suck - I'd much prefer to be pulled over. At least that slows me down for a while.
  4. There was a chance last year but obviously the opportunity wasn't taken by the majority. Believe me, I worked at that election in one of the polling booths and the amount of ignorance and stupidity is a worry. The Burnley Tunnel is notorious for the cameras, problem is most cruise controls will go over your set limit when coasting downhill.

    I personally find it aggravating when you can get 'done' at such a low tolerance level, and having so many resources thrown at it, but I can ring a hoon hotline in regard to serious local offences i.e. speeding in side streets, and nothing happens.

    I agree though, the cop cars will usually be more generous. Or realistic. Take your pick...
  5. Considering what happened in the tunnel yesterday I guess speed could be seen as a bad thing?
  6. <Wild Speculation>
    It wasn't speed that was the problem - it was the changing lanes without headchecking that was the problem. Watching the news "reconstruction" of the incident :)roll:), a car changed out of the left lane to avoid the broken down truck, straight into the front of another truck. Imagine it had have been a rider instead of a truck?
    </Wild Speculation>

    Inappropriate speed is a bad thing.
  7. According to the ABC it was a burst truck tyre that caused the initial problem. I suspect that the resulting pile-up was probably due to drivers staring at their speedos instead of the road ahead.
  8. I believe your assumption is correct. The crash was unavoidable due to inattentive drivers who had no choice but to watch their speed rather than the road.

    Speed enforcement kills.
  9. we obscure our plates, there are no coppers on the roads down here, its all just cameras, now you know for your next visit, so don’t rent a 4cyl upsize to something faster and BYO sticker :wink:
  10. I hate speed cameras......
    As for voting Bracks out, the alternative is to vote back in the party that started the ball rolling, especially with the private contractors. It's the same as the Casino and Pokies. No Government of the day will remove a revenue generator once it's in place.
    And Despite the unending pissing and moaning on forums like this that WE ALL participate in, no-one really gives enough of a damn to actually do anything about it.
    The ignorant masses believe the carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign that is put out and that's the way it is.
    At the end of the day, MOST people don't speed and if they go over the limit occasionaly are prepared to accept responsibility for it. that being the case, they're not going to change the way they vote.
    As for the 5km over, that's one worth arguing about. Of course the worst thing about hire cars is that you never know who the drivers are! It's like going undercover, and the rest of us can't then complain about "bloody interstate drivers" :wink:
  11. You were in a hire car and are from Newcastle..................

    Throw the book at him! :p :LOL:
  12. Apology accepted - somebody give him his money back! :LOL:

  13. You sir are a complete disgrace and I hope that you keep your Northern commy pinko views and outlandish killer driving behaviuor well away from a very Fine State to live in.

    Bloody child murderer :roll: :roll: :roll:

  14. I have to agree. With the speed cameras in those tunnels that'll ping you for 2-3kph over, I know that I personally expend a LOT more attention on the speedometer than on watching the road conditions.

    It only takes a few seconds for traffic conditions to change from "smooth flowing" to "dead stop" at times. VicRoads and the state government would like to have us believe that it only takes 0.3 secs to check one's speed, but that's not the whole story. People watch their speedometers for a bit longer than that to determine if they're slowly speeding up, especially in places like the tunnels where gradient changes plays havoc on the ability to maintain a consistent speed, and so need to check their throttle usage. That can take one's eyes off the road for 3-5 seconds at times. In that time traffic conditions may change dangerously.

    By enforcing such tight controls on the speed limits, people DO stare at the speedometers far more than they should, and it DOES increase the chances of missing something important on the road.

    Of course, even if someone ever did a series of studies on this (which would need to be funded by something other than the government, 'cos there's no way that the gov would ever fund such a project), it would still be dismissed.

    I, for one, lay a significant portion of the blame for yesteday's accident at the feet of over-zealous speed enforcement, and the pervasive attitude that this has caused amongst drivers.
  15. I picked up my bike about 4 weeks ago. Nervous as hell. 2nd day I had it, I took it for a test ride to where i was going that evening. Turns out I was somehow speeding and got a fine in the mail 2 weeks later.

    I cannot see how I would have been doing 70 in a 60 zone within 300 mteres of turning when I was as nervous as hell and being very cautious.
  16. As long as we remember that they are actually called "Safety Cameras" down here. :evil: :evil:

    What a crock!

    It's hard enough to keep the speed down in a car with a relatively accurate speedo; most scoots have inaccurate speedos - to the ADR limits and beyond.
  17. 'CAMERAS CUT CRASHES' is blasted at every traveler along the Geelong Freeway. The same signs are also being plastered around the city to brain wash people into believing that they're invulnerable as long as they're travelling below the speed limit.

    Shame, f'n shame.
  18. so many things you can say here........

    because of speed cameras, i didn't make the fire department because of a bad driving record. every time i got into a car i got a freakin fine.

    i don't have a licence because of a long thread posted here but........

    camera's don't freaking help anyone. i've had myself and several mates do ridiculous things in cars and on bikes. anyone hurt? no. why? well you can do a risk assesment yadayada but because all of us have had proper training and are competent and confident every time we do such things. anyone can get a licence and anyone can f up.

    i thnk i didn't make sense coz i'm drunk but yeah..... cameras catch people doing regular things. at least being pulled over by a policeman who has discretion and safety assesment on their side will help situations.
  19. G'day everyone,........

    Victoria,... The REVENUE RAISEING STATE!!

    End of discusion eh?

    Dr Who?
  20. ...
    Clearly you didn't set the cruise properly. With a speed allowance of 3km/h on traffic tickets, you were actually caught doing 88km/h. Given the speedo in most cars reads higher than actual (eg. my Magna reads 8km/h higher at 80km/h, as tested with GPS) you had actually set the cruise at around 95km/h as shown on the speedo. And even in the unlikely case where your hire cars speedo was reading exact, you still set the cruise at 88km/h

    You played the odds and lost .. no need to apologise for your losing hand :p