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An amazing story for you to read!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by grue, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Wow, a 2MB image for several K of text.
    Also, far too much for a man of my attention-span to read. Can someone give me the gist of it?

  3. It's been posted here a while ago in text form not a 2mb image can't remember the topic something like longest punchline or whatever.
  4. tl;dr

    I skipped to the end and was thankful for doing so.
  5. Shaggy dog story...
  6. :-s

    Oh.. I get it now. It's posted in Jokes and Humour.
    The joke is on anyone who spent the time reading through it all ?

  7. who could be bothered to read through all that crap? bloke who wrote it must have been on drugs
  8. lol :]

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  9. hmmm so it was sunday and i read it all and am dissapointed now
  10. You actually read it ALL ??? ](*,)

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  11. If its longer than a few paragraphs ive lost interest b4 ive begun ...
  12. Started reading it while waiting for girl friend to turn herselve into a seductress.
    Bummer, just went in and shes asleep.
  13. OMFG! I just read all of that seriously thinking it was story that was going to have some really good life lessons and morals etc ](*,).

    Thank you pal =D>
  14. poor nate. 4WD drivers are a menace to society
  15. I read it a while ago. I just had to tell myself that it's a short story, not a joke I just wasted 30 mins reading!
  16. I've read it before, and I read it again. It's clever, an excellent story, with a tacky punchline.

    You all just don't get it...
  17. hmm, i liked the story, but didnt get the punchline. at least, if there is a joke hidden in it i didnt get it.

    as far as a story goes, i would rate it as better than most short stories...

    edit: just read the punchline again. im an idiot.