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An AFL fans guide to the World Cup:

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Adelaide: Italy. Fanatical supporter base but borderline certifiable.

    Brisbane: Columbia. Good at home, hopeless away. Also quite wealthy, but where does all that money come from?

    Carlton: USA. Haven't quite worked out the difference between sport and business. Supporting Carlton is a bit like supporting a multinational. C'mon Coca Cola, Go get'em, Microsoft.

    Collingwood: Iraq. They live in a tenth century dictatorship and talk about the glories from the Byzantine era. Don't tell them they're ****house as you'll probably be knifed.

    Essendon: Brazil. Arrogant, conceited and its always great to see them lose.

    Fremantle: Western Samoa. Any loss by nine goals or less is declared an unofficial victory.

    Geelong: The Central African qualifiers (Cameroon, Nigeria etc). Flashy, unpredictable. They quite often make the semis but never win.

    Hawthorn: The Netherlands. Always competitive but have absolutely no fashion sense. (Does this brown shirt go well with my
    orange jeans?)

    Kangaroos: The Palestinians. They have no homeland and probably never will.

    Melbourne: Uruguay. Always talking about the glorious past but for the last forty years they've been less than ordinary.

    Port Adelaide: South Africa. After years in exile and telling everyone how good they are, they finally enter the competition and prove to be extremely average.

    Richmond: England. Large supporter base of optimistic pessimists. They will always turn up and hope they're gonna win but know they wont.

    St Kilda: Spain. Another large and fanatical supporter base, with virtually nothing to cheer about. Likely to self implode at any

    Sydney: Australia. The majority of their supporters have no idea about the game and only watch them when they're winning.

    West Coast: Germany. Methodical, ruthless and boring to watch.

    Western Bulldogs: Scotland. Happy to qualify but that's all they'll ever do.
  2. Thats a bit harsh :)

    Poor old Freo :(
  3. True that. :LOL:
  4. richmond.... as a tigger supporter i can safely say that that is an EXCEPTIONALLY apt description of our fanbase :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    we love a victory, and will watch/listen intently and in constant hope, but in the end, we never really get our hopes up :p