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An addition to the stable

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by akaluke, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. You might know me as "The guy on the white cruiser"...

    I've added to the stable.

    I'm still hanging on to my white cruiser but now I've added something green to my collection.

    Still on restrictions, so it's a 2008 Baby Ninja:


    Picked it up on Thursday.

    What can I say?
    It's different.
    And it's green.
  2. You'll have to get a new helmet now as well. :)

    We will have to call you and Arc G1 & G2 or something.
  3. Call him Rack and call me Rackless.
  4. Yum. Why does everyone on this site have such great photos?
  5. Less Rack talk!!!
  6. Nice Luke - great bike mate!

  7. Good cameras and an obsession with the bike.

    However, thinking about it, someone should put up a thread about the best way to photograph bikes.......

    BTW, nice Kermit, Luke :).
  8. Did you shop out the stand? because it does look a little eerie glowing green standing up by itself - it is an excellent pic
  9. A very carefully placed broomstick, hidden behind the rims.

    No wait...photoshop ;)
  10. Welcome to the dark side, Luke.

    Don't worry about the colour. A paint brush and some cheap paint from the $2 Shop will make it look much better.
  11. nice little bikes, i had the older version and it served me well :)
  12. NIce bike there.. :)

    If you have a melon head like me i have the perfect helmet for you . :)

    You know my thoughts!!! :grin:

    Coming to Noojee ride on it I assume?? yay!!!

  14. You have waaay too much money mate!!!
    After riding Uncos' for 3 weeks, I have a real appreciation for these bikes.
    If I got one, I'd probably sell my cruiser coz the baby Ninja is soooo much fun!
  15. streetmaster...

    The cruiser is still nice to ride. Not as nice as it was with my good exhaust though.

    I put the rimstickers on the Ninja today.

    Now it looks like this:
  16. What was it? One part yellow & eight parts blue. True Ninja colour.

    Multiple Bike Syndrome has struck. Look out Broadford=D>
  17. Awesome looking kwaka akaluke. The rim stripes came up great.
  18. Actually it's the other way around
    8 parts yellow & 1 part blue
    Kwaka started using the colour for racing to thumb the notion that green was an unlucky colour!
    Got that one from 'Twist The Throttle' - Foxtel
  19. How long before the V&H goes back on???

    Real photo or shoped??? Pic looks familiar. lol
    P.S. Looks good but!
  20. Yeah - the rimstickers are shopped on to the original pic. I couldn't be bothered setting up another shot. It does look like that though.

    Will leave the stock pipes on the VStar for a month or so - until the current hooha dies down.