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An accident thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v8mirage, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I managed to inspect the freeway road work condition last Friday morning and have been hospitalized for 24hrs.

    It was on monash freeway near springvale road exit, it is a road work area where there was no shoulder lane and it was a 80km zone. I lost control at about the same time I realised I ride away from those uneven ground (those old lines that they removed but didn't get level).

    The driver who was behind me said I got flipped up, I seriously can't remember exactly how I go thrown off my bike. Only remember the 1st impact was on my left shoulder and then I skidded for some distance at the same time seeing my bike skid away from me even further.

    So far my injuries are a small fracture to my left ribs and my left lung which has a little air leaked that formed a small air gap outside the lung causing pain every time I breath, and my knees which I didn't have any of those knee pads on that day with my draggin jeans.

    I am considered lucky for such a light injuries and out of hospital after 24hrs. Not to mention I didn't get thrown to any other lane and no car rolled over me after I got thrown to the ground! Doctors in trauma unit were probably disappointed in some way. :p

    It was really a hard lesson to learn to stay away from uneven ground, not even for a second on them!

  2. Glad to hear you're mostly OK after such an intimate connection with the bitumen...

    I often wonder what goes through the minds of guy's who split in the rain, rolling straight over the cat-eye reflectors at speed... I have nearly come off on uneven road as you describe, nice tank slapper which purely by chance I managed to get back under control... I stay the hell away from cat-eyes in the wet...
  3. so, what was the texture depth? were the aggregates becoming rounded due to regular trafficking?

    oh, and bummer about the off. hope you heal up ok!
    how did the precious bike pull up?
  4. jesus! how did you manage to get flipped off the bike???? cats eyes also arent cool when your toe slidder hits em at speed.
    injuries arent exactly minor. pneumothoraxes arent cool left untreated. at least you are still smiling mate. so can we expect to see your story in medical emergancy next week?? :grin:
  5. Ya think? :LOL:
    Their not bad compared to the cure, hope you heal up alright
  6. What is it about that f*cken freeway that causes so many
    drama's & accidents? :?

    Granted its rank as one of the busiest freeways in Australia,
    but its so slow moving, yet shit still happens on it.
  7. OUCH!!
    Glad your injuries were no worse mate ...
    Damn Roadworks! Ive been avoiding a few of em. Lots of loose gravel
    and a newbie rider like myself is NOT a good combination.

    Hope you heal quickly
  8. The last look I had on my bike, it still stands like a 'normal' bike and noticed a fair bit of skid damage on the left end of the handle bar. Although I fall on the left side, I'm now holding the right hand side mirror with me since it got snapped off from the fitting. Or may be it's the left hand side one and got turned around due to the impact...

    It got towed to somewhere at Nunawadings, will go check it out after x'mas holiday and I also need to figure out where should I get it repaired...

    It was the road work, the old lines got ground away that cause a line of uneven ground. I lost control at the time I realised I need to ride away...

    Thanks :) I can take a deep breath easily with only a little pain.

    I'm still puzzling as how I actually got flipped off... I must have been flipped off otherwise my left leg would probably got stuck between the ground and my bike when I fall off and drag along...

    You are exactly right about this. Accident happens quick and you may not have enough time to react to it. In my case, hold harder on the handle bar and lift up my ass like riding a dirt bike might help on those uneven ground...
  9. v8mirage

    Thanks for the reply dude.

    I know the uneven area your talking about, which is why I'm puzzled
    as to how it could make you lose control & cause you to come off.

    Unlucky to have the incident , but lucky you came away relatively un-
    scathed because the freeway is not a good place to come unstuck on.
  10. I hope that you heal well bud. :) It sounds to me like your wheels got caught in the grooves along the road.What sort of bike were you on?Did you have insurance for the bike?
  11. Sounds to me like very low injury toll considering you seemed to have gone over the top of the bars :shock:. I can sympathise with the broken rib, though, pain pain pain :(.

    Draggin Jeans are great but Kevlar burns are a serious downside to them. I know it's too late for this event, but I suggest that you wear a pair of long-johns/gym tights under Draggins to stop this happening.
  12. *trying to erase mental image of paul in tights*

  13. I'll post pictures for money :rofl:.
  14. Just got some photos done for damages to my gears and the actual road condition that I had accident.

    (Be warned, this one is a rather large image)
















    It's a very light injuries over all I supposed... My left lung is feeling a lot better today, much less pain when I take a deep breath.
    [mod] most mods would have yanked it, 3 images per post. merry christmas - Joel
  15. Forgot about this one...

  16. And my bike... before accident



    Don't know what the damages are... :(
  17. Thank you :) I have it insured with RACV, someone just ring up today and said my policy also cover the cost of my helmet replacement for up to $500.
  18. Yeah, the knees injuries hurts the most... Not too sure if I'll try the tights tough. :?
  19. thank you for pointing out that hazard as i am about to start commuting on that highway.

    the monash during xmas time is usually pretty cruisy its not until aftr new years that it reverts back to its worlds biggest carpark title

    i hope you get better and are on your bike again soon
  20. V8 - sorry to hear about the prang.

    I hate that bit of road works.

    To prevent confusion with lanes it looks like they have dug 5-8mm of road surface to remove the white lines and left big divets! Even in the car they are rough and not stable. On the bike, they are absolute crapola - as you have discovered!

    I would spend most of my time riding in the "old lane" surface area to be sure to avoid the "divet".

    I also chose not to lane filter/split on that part of road as they have narrowed the lanes to give max area for the road works.

    Good to hear you are on the mend. Take it easy