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Amy Winehouse dead at 27

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Finally charged for stealing my oxygen, no sorrow here

  2. Always was a question of when, not if.
  3. Elton John will be performing at her funeral - a heartrending rendition of "Candle Under the Spoon" I think...
  4. now that's cruel, very fucking funny though ..
  5. Lol NK.
    Yeah, the loss of another fine Role Model for today's youth.
  6. it was actually dyslexic Jihad muslims who killed Amy Winehouse, their orders were to kill the army at the whitehouse

    To early?
  7. Not at all.
  8. Never too soon - these jokes have been around for years now I reckon, waiting...
  9. Not for me, mate! Go for it.

    Actually, what's really going to be funny now is all the hypocrites who pissed and moaned about her up until now, who'll suddenly remember what a wonderful person she is now that she's pin-cushioned herself right off the stage. Being dead can do wonders for your public career.
  10. Funny how some of the media blame the Serbs (again) for her death, fair dinkum
  11. What, because she was too out of it to perform in Belgrade?
  12. I say good, one less fucking junkie makes the world a better place
  13. Disgusting how she's now being compared with Cobain, Joplin, Morrison etc, just because she was 27...
  14. Guess you can take enough drugs to kill a horse
  15. Well, I thought she had a good voice, and she was human, the sad addiction that turns a human to shit is a problem, loved how her father 'piggy backed' off her 'fame' and got himself in as a jazz singer? Or was he already a singer to begin with? Not sure about that. I agree about the absolute crap of a role model for kids, some kids need to be told not to be sheep, others have no chance and these 'role models' do more damage then they realise. I must say, her old man did say, only Amy can save Amy and he did call it saying she'll od because of her habit.. Families of these people you do feel sorry for and yes some would question parenting skills but at her age she is responsible.. Anyhoo, not wanting a shit fight, just making a point that she was human, till she became sick as all fark to know better, then it was a zombiem sad waste of life, wonder how the person that sold her the last lot of drugs feels?
  16. "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no"

    She actually made a crapload of cash singing that line, didn't she?
    When an addict starts trading on the fact, they lose all sympathy.

    She was a sideshow of her own design, not a poor lost soul.
  17. Tony Abbotts blaming the carbon tax ''
  18. "Uh what has happened is uh a very unfortunate incident and uh just goes to show what uh a sham Julia Gillard's carbon tax is"
  19. Yes, she had a very good voice, but it really was only a matter of time before she took her fatal overdose. A sad situation.

    I doubt the person that sold her the last lot of drugs feels anything beyond regret they have lost a good customer.
  20. WTF?

    How does that work?