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Amusing Vids

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Somewhere to post clips (without having them spread across the forum) for peoples viewing pleasure....

    Win / Luck Compilation
  2. Re: Ammusing Non Bike Related Vids

    Crash Carnage

  3. that first ones just a normal days commute for me, except it's dark and raining ... but apart from that
  4. The second one, they must be digging out some archival footage because those are escorts and sierras getting destroyed, which is all good of course, but it was a long time ago.

    The first one ... that's awesome! How good is the dog climbing up the fence?
  5. a couple of 'Kernal's in the second vid
  6. More crash carnage - includes F1 and V8 supercars....

  7. love the music
  8. Paul Zerdin - Ventriloquest

  9. Fail Compilation July 2011

  10. Girls Summer Fail
  11. First time watching him.. He rocks! Thanks man, cheered me right up. =D>
  12. Driving In Asia....

  13. Jesus that was riveting. Awesome find. thanks
  14. don't know why , but i pissed myself laughing all the way through 'driving in asia.

    excellent find.

    actually i do know why. we have asian drivers here too. but not like, in every vehicle. that's just insane.
  15. hooker walking down the middle of the road 7:04 ahahahahahahaa

    i had one in Bayswater do that to me at 4am once. slowed to ask if she was ok, then she abused the shit out of me. Baysy crackwhores are the funniest in the world.
  16. 1:06 ......best lane split ever !
  17. From the show: Penn And Teller - Fool Us

  18. Driving in Asia? Oh yeah! I live in Sunnybank. (Well, Runcorn, just up the street.) Tell me about it.