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Amusing traffic event - not really a vent though

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Nikuya, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Had something odd happen on the way in to work today (yes, its saturday). Was sorta frustrating/stupid and thought I would share it.

    Was riding along and there is one car in front and a rav 4 in the lane next to me and we came to a red light. The car infront stopped and the rav 4 also stopped, but further back, so I was at the halfway point of the car. There was a little kid in a booster chair in the back. the kid has looked at me, smiled and waved and so I waved back. She started smiling and bouncing up and down in the chair, like little kids do... The I caught sight of the mother... If looks could kill I would be dead at LEAST 10 times over... what the f&#k?!?! anyone else had similar crap to this?
  2. I get kids waving all the time in cars, mostly little boys - never had a parent respond in that way though...

    Had a little boy waiting to cross the road with his mum one day, I was stopped at a red - kid (maybe 7 or 8yo) yells out "Rev it" while twisting his wrist... I was the only vehicle at the lights so I gave the Storm a handful, the yoshi's started singing like the angels they are, the kid shit himself and latched on to his mums leg like a koala, poor mum nearly fell over laughing...
  3. ROFL. that is awesome. Yeah, I have had kids wave at me at lights, etc all the time but never had that response. hence why I asked. Wanted to know if i was the only one... I mean... its not like im a big guy with a MC jacket on a cruiser so i wasn't expecting it.
  4. I love how happy little kids are when they see a bike.

    Got busted by the cops in Bathurst last year for pulling a mono cos a kid in the back of his dad's car was screaming out for one :D.

    Couldn't bear not to, pretty sure it made his day :)
  5. I often initiate the wave to caged kids. When you think about it from the kids perspective, Outside the window is a someone clad in some sort of armour suit with a helmet making them look like a super/action figure.In my case he has reflective blue eyes and a black mask on his face..on a machine that mum and dad often disapprove of.
    Is he/she a bad person?...nah.. cant be he just waved...and now has his thumbs where his ears would be, flapping his hands back and forwards!
    Sometimes the parent gives a smile back..sometimes they snear, I blow kisses at hot mums too. Encounters with caged kids often makes me smile under my lid.
    I know I have made a happy impression.
    Who knows..that could be a rider in the making.
  6. I was stopped at a set of lights when a couple was walking their 4 kids across...3 of the 4 (the other one was in a pram) all waved at me. I waved back...the mum snatched one of the young girls hand down and funnily enough, her husband waved back on her behalf and gave me a thumbs up hahaha. I assume the father is either a rider or wants to ride, but mother is obviously against it.
  7. waves from car loads of girls, kids always like a wave. A tradie wound down his window to ask if his load was alright.

    I had boobs flashed at me once. Which reminds me I need to get a helmet cam.
  8. Did you lift your visor with your middle finger?
  9. I had a four-wheel drive with a bunch of kids pull up next to me at the lights. There was a little boy about 6 years old in the back, mum was driving and the rest were a bunch of teenage girls. I nodded at the kid then flipped up my visor to say hi. The girls all fell about laughing when they saw that I was a girl - the little boy looked quite put out! I think he was expecting a big tough hairy biker - which I am not.
  10. Me and a few boys off NR on our way home from the GOR one saturday heading in on the freeway, so just crusing when we passed a Maxi Taxi full of women (app. 20-30yrs) all dressed up looking stunning, we all surrounded the Taxi and the chicks where going nuts!!! We got flashed everything...... And i mean everything!!

    Was a nice end to a great day!!
  11. I can't believe everyone has missed the most important thing here!

    Was she hot (MILF)?
  12. I always pull NASTY faces. It gives me an internal moment of perverse pleasure!!:cry::cry:
  13. hrm. she was OK. wouldn't say MILF... more MIF ;)
  14. The other day, come back form a good day on Old Pac, was stopped at a set of lights, looked casually to my left and there in a Fiesta is a woman about 25 or so, eye f-cking the hell out of my bike, looking at it so intently, then moves her car forward a bit and does the same thing

    I proceed to blow her a kiss....doesn't even look my way and keeps looking at the bike :(
  15. take it as a compliment, not every man finds a women that is fascinated with what is between his legs.
  16. I was waiting at the Berowra Ferry yesterday and in front of me was an SUV with a horse carriage in tow, some rather ripe smells coming from it. I decided to get in front of it, and to be polite about it. So, I pulled up near the driver's window [which was open] and said something to the effect of "Your horse is a bit of a stinker, mind if I wait in front of you instead?" .. which the gentleman had trouble understanding, for some reason. His wife had a bit of a giggle and said that of course it was fine, and waved me forward. So, off I went. Their kids got pretty excited too =x
  17. Theres a few young kids down my street that have made me practice my e-braking a couple of times - "Oh crap, kids running from the lawn at the road... *SQUEEZE*"

    Turns out all the wanted was to wave and give me thumbs up... I'm not quite sure how they do it but they usually manage to make it from the back yard to the front to wave at me when I go by, so I usually give them a frantic wave, a toot or a blip of the throttle ;).
  18. Sounds like Mum's a bit of a biatch...poor little tacka...at least you made HIS day a brighter one. :)
  19. You should have started hitting on her.

  20. Similar situation with me and two NR people on here. Riding back in full leathers on the boring freeway we were moving faster then traffic flow so we could check out more and more P-plater cars coming back from the beach. Seems all the girls headed down the beach for the day (hot day).

    While I pull up on the right side of the car waving and making hand signals to the girls, rider chris on here decided it would be funny to flick my kill switch while I wasn't looking... bastard. Then the race started with him running from me trying to get him back. Mean while spawn is watching us idiots tare arse through traffic thinking WTF!?!?!?

    Other memorable moment was a girl on a pushy 2 weeks ago. Peel street melbourne, 2 lanes forward I filter to the lights and she's on her push bike far left of the lane in the bike lane / bike box thing. She turns around and, as so nicely put above, eye-fukn my bike with a grin on her face. All the while I'm looking at her, she looks up at me (visor open) and gets a shock like she's been caught out (that dear in the headlights look when your busted checking out a girls rack or arse), and spins around and faces forward. I giggle and can't resit; green light empty straight road, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeelie...

    Problem is with show off wheelie's, the person you were showing off to in 500m back there... :/