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Amusing read

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Mandala434, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Found a quite amusing article...have a read:LOL:
    Sounded like 50cc cannonballing imagine if we do that here with up to 100 50ccs...they'll freak out lol

    An Italian scooter rider racked up a record 144 points off his 20 point drivers license in a few minutes of reckless driving.

    The ANSA news agency reported that police in the northwestern Italian city of Turin chased the young rider after he evaded their attempts to stop him for breaking the law by not wearing a helmet on Tuesday evening.

    By the time the 15 minute chase ended, he had received a few more violations as well.

    Those violations included not stopping when police ordered, running a red light, riding the wrong way down city-center streets, riding on pedestrian footpaths and speeding.

    After he was stopped, he was then found to be riding without rear-view mirrors, insurance or lights, and with a license plate incorrectly attached to his vehicle.

    The rider was fined $2,890 for the offenses and had his scooter confiscated by the police.

    The rider broke a previous national record held by a youth in Bolzano, northern Italy, who had 116 points deducted for a single night's offences in April.

    In 2003, a law et tough penalties for certain motoring offences, particularly major speeding, dangerous overtaking and driving under the influence of drink or drugs.
  2. running from police is bad mmmmk.