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Amplifying iPod audio

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. I've searched a few old threads (2006 :shock:) but products mentioned then may still not be available, or there may be better stuff available now.

    I wear Earmolds and I've just bought a helmet with nice little 'cut-outs' for speakers.....

    So I bought some speakers, and a tiny AAA-powered amplifier, but just sitting still in the lounge-room (leave aside wind and traffic and engine noise while riding) the music is barely audible.

    So what is the latest bit of audiophile magic? I don't mind battery power since I'm not going to be using it all the time, just on longer rides, but I'm aware that 12v powered stuff is much better, (albeit dearer too??)

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    Mp4nation is your place to go. The Fiio amps have good reputation and cheap too.

  3. looking now, thanks, mate.

    the amp I have is a Fiio and it seems to make almost no difference in volume at all, I wonder if it's faulty? Mind you, it's smaller than a matchbox so I guess I shouldn't be expecting too much.
  4. Sorry, I misread, though you wanted an amp for headphones, not speakers. What impedance are the speakers?
  5. Are the speakers for the bike or home ??? What ha ha I have heard Goldwings groove up beside me.
    If there for home..... 12v will suck or overheat.
    I bought some AudioEngine 5's
    Luv my music and luv it very clear.
    I could have sex with my speakers their that good for largish comp/bookshelf speakers
  6. You're wanting music whilst riding in your helmet? You want in-ear headphones for sure - I use Shure SE 215s and have done for a couple years.


    Would not ride anywhere without them.

  7. thanks mate, they look good....
  8. Do you ever all of a sudden wonder where you are.
    Then realize where you are and wonder how you got there with music on ???

    I don't when I am riding for fun. But often do when I am riding for work. not sure if it's just a work thing. But I have to turn around a lot with the music on cause I ride right by where I was meant to be !!

    I get Smidsied enough. Least at work someone is paying and paying dearly
  9. No real suprise, from the specs that amp is actually putting out less than what some other mp3 players put out unassisted. Hard to tell whether the speakers could handle more power without distorting, or whether they're simply headphone speakers already at their limit.

    There are some realtively low priced active noise cancelling headphones available now which might be worth a look. Never tried them on a bike but they're brilliant for cutting the engine noise on an airliner.