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Amourless leather jackets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Grumply, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, now that the weather's cooled down I'm looking for a leather riding jacket to take over the mesh jacket's duties.

    I've come across some really solid looking, Aussie-made jackets from companies like Walden Miller. But I've noticed that rather than having the CE-type armour in the elbows and shoulders, they have a bit of padding and some re-enforced leather in those sections.

    However it does seem like the leather on a lot of these armourless jackets is of a thicker grade than many of the more common (brand name) jackets in bike stores. But I wonder about the lack of foam armour.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
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  3. Should be ok.
    I wear a "Brando" type jacket on my commute as its easier to wear my work gear under it.
    Any time I could be sliding for a period of time (high speed) I'll wear armour.
  4. I've crashed in unarmoured leather on several occasions and still scrubbed up quite well.

    Gotta remember that it's only about 20 years since armour became anything like widely available to anyone but motoxers and top-level road racers.

    Thick leather with a double layer in the high stress points is fine. Not optimal, perhaps, but certainly not in OMGdontdoityoulldiehorribly territory by a very long way indeed.
  5. Thanks guys, I assumed there had to be a reason some companies were still selling them!

    Time to go shopping... again :oops:
  6. i came off at about 120 , slid for 20 mtrs and then came to a stop hitting the bank with my shoulder. would have been doing about 80-90. walked away with a just a tendon injury. what saved me was a tightish jacket with armor. being moderately fit at the time may have helped as well but im sure i wouldnt be in the same state without armor
  7. It's all about minimising the result of a crash.

    Denim is better than skin.
    Leathers with padding is better than Denim.
    Leathers with armour is better than Leathers with padding.

    or look at it this way:

    A Suzuki Mighty Boy is better than walking.
    A Mazda 6 is better than a Suzuki Mighty Boy.
    A Volvo is better than a Mazda 6.

    You can go over the top in protection for your average ride (track days excepted) but it's best to go with the best you can afford and what suits you best.

    I've done a good Superman impression over the top of my handlebars in the past wearing regular jeans and my padded leather jacket at about 60kmh.

    The boots, gloves, helmet and jeans were a write-off and I ended up with just a slight graze on my butt (stop sniggering you lot) and while my jacket was pretty scuffed up and had a solid impact on the shoulder, I'm still happily wearing the jacket today.

    Even with all the armour in the world if you hit a solid object at high enough speed you're gonna be cactus. But, that armour could be the difference between a good bruise and a broken elbow.

    Personally I'm happy with my current boots, kevlar jeans and padded leather jacket for the type of laid back riding that I do.

    I'm not sure if that helps or was simply a useless bunch of waffle but good luck with your decision!
  8. You could buy a armored jacket and take the foam armor out?
  9. It's probably a silly thought but I feel somewhat 'safer' with hard plastic armour. Then again I'm wearing all textiles (imo textiles ftw for everyday commuting).

    When I do get leathers for the next bike I'll still consider hard armour to be an important feature. A fancy hybrid textile/leather jacket with plastic would be best.
  10. kevlar better than denim*
    leathers better than kevlar*

    at the end of the day a crash is a crash.

    Even with all the gear you can get with the best protection, if a b-double runs you over you wont be having a good day. armor/padding/padding-less as long as you dont need likee 30 skin grafts.