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Amost collect by an old woman..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by goddie, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Well another morning another close call.

    Not a biggie really, have had closer shaves but this little old lady REALLY had no idea I was there.

    Heading to work, get to the big roundabout in Essendon heading for Bulla Rd then Citylink fwy to head to town, the rounabout carries tram lines and this lovely intersection has 5 roads into one, and one binlge a week is a minimum. Heading thru [2 lanes at a time] I am 'on the outer' lane I spot the tram on the left coming through, I knew I was in no probs, old woman [dont know if she saw the tram or not] but charged through and [I did allow a little space] but she swerved into my lane and I thought this nut job's gonna keep coming over, was ready to bail to a right turn [had the space] went through the roundabout no problems, and I can honestly say, 'she had no farkin idea' she just went about her business as if nothing happened!!
    Will see what tomorrow brings.
  2. What's a ride to work without some excitement, where's your sense of adventure :p
  3. My daily commute is quite boring. I tend to wave at random people for some random excitement.
  4. She wasnt hot!
    I commute citylink so always a fun start
    and I hate the guy on the white scooter cuttin thru fwy traffic like a hot knife thru butter, yes you know who you are, skinny little scooter!!
    The biggest scare factor is that damn roundabout!!
  5. Meh, I'm not letting cagers rule my ride, so I treat it like an xbox game, predicting their moves, planning escapes, imaginary explosive devices, put some fun into peak hour runs. Beats thinking your going to die every 30 sec.
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  6. Awesome! I can only imagine them wondering for the rest of the day if they knew the person on the bike!
  7. If it wasnt for the Manic car drivers adding zing to your day,

    It would be a boring old commute down the Freeway,
    and you would probably fall asleep and fall off your bike,
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  8. Lol I play it like froga - one safe spot to another where I can laugh at their lack of awareness about what is going on around them let alone what is happening in front of them.

    Cheers Jeremy
  9. Sounds like the norm when riding through Tweed Heads (God's waiting room), but not so many lanes and no trams.