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"Among my souvenirs"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. As the song goes.

    So what do you have in the way of motorcycling souvenirs, your own and other people's experiences??

    I have photos I took of Wayne Gardner's first time ever riding on tar (on a Yamaha 125 moto-crosser, at a Wollongong Club Race day late in 1976 at Oran park) I also have photos I took of his first ever race meeting on a road-racing bike, at a C Grade day at Oran Park in May the next year.

    I've got heaps of other photos, I'll remember them as I think about this.

    And in 1974 a friend went to the Isle of Man TT and brought me back an Isle of Man piggy-bank, which I've still got, and an Isle of Man commemorative T-Shirt (which I've also still got, although it doesn't fit any more) :D

  2. Well lets see. I have a few scars located generally at my extremities. A leather jacket that is now 21 years old (needs a reline) And the best bit -a head full of memories of the best fun anyone could possibly have in a whole lifetime. All to do with bikes. If I died tomorrow I would be a die a happy man (not that want to :shock: )