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  1. Hay guys, what day does Australian Motorcycle News come out? Is it worthwile reading materiel?

  2. Comes out every second Thursday, the next one is out 30th April.
    The last one had a printing problem so don't know if it is out.
    I get it every fortnight, its not a bad read.
  3. there's also a digital version
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  4. Since moving to Melbourne it has gained the exact worth of toilet paper. Full of puff crap. And turned into the worst motorcycle magazine in publication today
  5. A ray of sunshine :)
  6. I thought the Green Horror was always Melbourne based? Do you mean when they joined ACP/Bauer?
  7. On that note.....what do people think is the best motorcycle mag around? I like me something good to read on the dunny.
  8. You love it. But my comment is the truth. It has too much puff now. Reviews are short and not very well written
  9. Bike (from the UK - not the pedalist one based here).
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  10. Great, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  11. The truth is brutal :). I've never read it. I usually get my news on here
  12. Was always owned by ACP, published in Melbourne (I used to work there) with all the motoring titles until ACP moved the entire group to Sydney office. That lasted a few years, Bauer came along, moved the whole shebang back to Oakleigh (Vic).
    Pissed off and lost most of the quality people that they had, for no net benefit whatsoever. Yet more evidence that Aussie corporate management doesn't know it's arse from it's elbow.
  13. Interesting, Cheers!
  14. Woose is very much missed:cry:........but I don't think you can blame that on corporate incompetence..
  15. Are you sure? I thought back in the days before staples and glossy paper it would have been independent? Owned by George someone? It's been around a long time, a long time before I ever bought it and it was a newspaper when I started buying it in the late 70s. Back in the days we had Two Wheels (with kel wearne road tests) and Revs (eric and Douglas) from Sydney and AMCN from Melbourne.

    But thanks for the explanation of the recent moves
  16. Two Wheels, I remember that mag, it was good!
  17. Actually, you're right - ! wasn't thinking that far back.