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american soldiers teasing kids in iraq

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. #1 D Stump, Sep 16, 2007
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    i think this may have been during that period when they're water supply was shot.

    some juges and lawyers say 'there's no such thing as monsters, they're just people who made the wrong choice'

    i disagree

    cheers :cool:
  2. That is FCUKED UP!! What low life, pieces of shit.
  3. hmmmm

    Karma can be a biatch. Lets hope that "great" US soldier makes it home safe and sound...... :jerk:
  4. stealthassassin wrote

    well put mate.

    i hope no one takes this the wrong way, but those kids looked like a crowd of sea gulls going for a chip. their situation was desperate. that kid who did all that running could very easily have died. he needed water badly and running would have made his system much worse.

    i suspect those soldiers were the kids that went to military school. they didnt work out in other schools, they weren't welcome at home, this is what they have become.

    how could u throw that bottle of water out, watch the kid miss out and leave him there like that, and LAUGH about it.

    this looks like a job for the big O

    i would love to find out if anything happened to them

    stump it up! :cool:
  5. Distance and non-involvement in the events of war make experts of us all..... :roll:.
  6. Where the F**k did you pull this from?
    You guys are making so many assumptions. There is no story behind the clip at all.
  7. paul wrote

    this kind of thing puts us there, in the vehicle, to see for ourselves.

    im not commenting on the politics of the war from that piece of footage alone. just the mentality behind those soldiers, and possible history of how they came to be there. but i have no idea how they came to be what they are.

    cheers :cool:
  8. War makes monsters of the victors, and the vanquished. I'm suggesting that all the self-righteous people tut-tutting this and other such things, would do the same thing in the same situation; military training does this sort of thing to people, and anyone who says otherwise, hasn't had that training.
  9. Sorry D Stump, I tend to agree with Hornet and Snowball. We have no context for this video clip so it is not possible to make a valid judgment. :cry: Its a pretty stuffed up situation all around. Hopefully Unilateral action will be less of an option in US foreign policy in future.

    Sorry Paul I can't agree with your second post that Military Training does this to people, in fact modern military training tries to stamp out this kind of thing. Nuremburg trials and the defence of only following orders is required military teaching now days.

    I will agree that situations under fire tend to push people into us and them mentalities, its just psychological survival technique.
  10. That is a pretty negative outlook Paul!?! The training must be tough, but is it so hard that it strips you of your humanity?
  11. Heard of some crazy stuff done at Vietnam, like ears nailed to pole and a sign put up "Listening Post" - sorry no youtube video for proof :roll:

    What training is that? The how to be an ar$ehole?

    Must have missed that part :roll:
  12. first things first - i think they have found some light entertainment for themselves, but to me, it is in bad taste and poor form.
    are they hideous human beings because of it? probably not.
    none of us (except maybe some of you old fossils :p ) can even begin imagine how mentally challenging active service is. these guys are not just your average dudes going around taunting kids, they are soldiers, trained tools of war. the sheer quantity of troops involved means that there are going to be some weirdos with stupid senses of humour....meh :?
  13. Not negative, just realistic, I think. Military training programmes the mind to unthinking obedience to command, and to the sinking of individual will to the will of the organistion. Humanity and compassion can only be extended to the members of YOUR corporate mind; all else might be enemies, and therefore are not to be trusted.

    The Nuremburg trials addressed the excesses of the Nazi/Axis powers. Victors get to write the histories of war, and only a fool believes that there were not atrocities on our side of the lines, as well as those we have religiously documented on their's.

    All that said, Amercian troops have never been good at winning hearts and minds; the war in Vietnam was lost despite vastly superior forces because of this fact. When the aim of the American presence in Iraq is to show the good hand of democracy as a comparison to the heavy hand of Saddam, stupid acts like this cannot be of any assistance, especially when the world is watching.
  14. Quoted for truth!
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  16. Of course warfare is not an exact science, but the one thing that did come out of the Nuremberg trials is there is a a moral perspective to war and every participant has a personal responsibility. As indeed do we as the civilians who send our troops to war.
  17. Chris, I absolutely agree.

    But 30 seconds on YouTube can never be the whole story, right?

    Remember the poor priest in Melbourne who was YouTube'd out of the ministry? These vile little snots were defacing the church, INSIDE and out, but HE bore the brunt of the events because they filmed him reacting to them.....
  18. This is aweful. I guess only the president wants to bring democracy and prosperity to iraq. The soldiers just want to waste people.
  19. toecutter wrote



    snowball wrote

    oh, sorry, here it is;

    during a time when water was plentiful, a 10 year old iraq child missed the short period of extreme thirst had had suffered.

    the american soldiers took time out from their busy schedual to provide the boy with a sense of his much loved new way of life, dying of thirst.

    in accordance with the boys wishes, the american soldiers drove with a bottle of water while the boy run behind the vehicle, thereby gaining a thirst. the soldiers waited until they past other children to enusre heavy competition for the bottle grab, as the boy had requested.

    the soldiers comments were completely unrelated, you see, there was a roach on the vehicle and they were talking about it.

    thats my sarcastic way of saying 'a picture says 1000 words' ;>
  20. G'day everyone,.....

    That footage is so out of context,.....
    A short selectivly edited peice of film,....yeh right.
    I'll form an opinion on rubbish like that when hell freezes over.
    Its so easy to make judgments on crap like that and not see the full picture.

    Similar footage was shown in the media before while trying to put negetive labels and propaganda apon it,...then you found out thay were not stopping because it was in a location thay got shot at if that stopped,thay dropped suppslies out while on the move,the media is so biased.
    This looks just like those other bits of rubbish.

    Wait till you find out the full story,.....then decide.

    Dr Who?