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American slang..is it just me or...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jaqhama, May 21, 2006.

  1. Now I'll start off by saying that I'm not knocking anyone here who uses the latest in American slang expressions.

    I'm just curious as to why so many (normally younger) Aussies gravitate to using American lingo and expressions so quickly?

    I particulary dislike the USA term "owned" to me it's just a stupid American word that has become popular in the last few months.

    If anyone here watches british TV programs, or indeed has been or knows someone out from the UK you will notice that American slang has not caught on in the UK at all.

    In fact many Americans complain they can hardly understand what a lot of Brit's are actually saying.

    When I first landed in Oz it was still quite common to hear things like...
    "She'll be apples mate." "Fair dinkum" "She'll be right mate." etc etc.

    I think it's a shame that Aussies, especially the younger generation are losing their uniqueness in terms of language and slang.

    My personal opinion is...who wants to talk like the Americans anyway?
    plenty of posters here knock America most times the country comes up in mention, and yet are happy to use expressions used by the youth of the USA.
    I find that kind of odd.

    I should also point out that the trendy slang expressions you hear on American TV programs and movies are not used by people living in what we would class as countryside America. They actually talk just like us (obviously using a different accent).
    As an example:You are unlikely to hear anyone but a teenager in the mid-west or south-west or north-west country areas use the expression "owned" at all.

    To close: I just think it's a shame, that unlike the Brits, we keep adopting more and more American traits.

    Even the roadsigns we use here and the roadsigns in America are virtually interchangeable, even down to the color of the signs.
    I cannot believe the Aussie road transports offices are unaware of this, they must have just copied the American signage.

    I'm not having a go at anyone by the way, was just interested to see what other people here think on the subject?

    I loved America, the people in their country areas are some of the friendliest I've ever met. Even (God forbid) the Police Officers.
  2. You realise that the same sorts of complaints were being made about young people in the 50's and 60's?

    And (out of interest) is there any evidence that owned/pwned is of specifically US origin? According to Wikipedia:

    "The likely beginning of the meme is from the hacker scene on EFNet IRC circa 1994. Owned or Own3d referred to getting administrative privileges on someone's computer by exploiting a security vulnerability. The use of the word own in terms of victory over another predates its use in the gaming subculture. This accounts for the pre-existing proliferation of the word, which may then have been morphed into pwn through any of the following possible means." (The article goes on to suggest a number of possible ways "owned" could have become "pwned").
  3. I definately still use alot of what youd call Australian slang but i dont really mind how people talk provided i can understand what thyre saying.

    Provided theyre still polite and respectful that is...
  4. No, but in the UK people are complaining about their young folk adopting the rising inflection at the end of a sentence (ie making a statement sound like a question) that's typically heard in the speech of young working class Australian women. Blame Neighbours and Home and Away for that one!
  5. Huh!?..."owned"...you mean as is "I owned one of those Cars"...
    THAT kind of owned?

    Or did I miss something?

    I've used that all my life I think..sometimes I "use to have" something, or "owned" something...

    I don't get it?
  6. No mate, you've missed something. The term owned has taken on a whole new meaning.
    If you are not familiar with it, don't worry about it mate.
    It will doubtless be replaced by something equally inane in the near future.

    Like you I still own car's and bikes etc.
  7. "Owned" as in:


    The Wikipedia article is here, if you're interested.

    New stuff leads to people coming up with new slang. There's hardly any big deal about it.
  8. I've been using owned for years, not months. Slang spreads, I think it's good that we're losing our uniqueness.
  9. [img:268:450:96b9ac29bb]http://www.teamsnak.com/pwned/23.jpg[/img:96b9ac29bb]


  10. Owned is nerd talk, all the people who use it to look cool dont know they are copying nerds :LOL:
    Its an internet word, not geographicaly based.

    But I do hate the teenagers who try to be seppos (had to throw some good old Aussie slang in there).
    Had a kid doing work experience who constantly went on about what he and his ******s did, "me and my ******s were hanging at the corner blah blah", Idiot! Your white, your friends are white, you live in Australia, you and your friends are all idiots! :evil:
  11. Who wants to sound like Mick 'Croc' Dundee?? :?

    Not me :grin:
  12. Better than sounding like an abnoxious yank. :?
  13. We are just assimilating until we are OWNED. :cool: :shock:
  14. I think you mean *****. Spelt with an 'er' it is seen as an insult and use in a derogatory manner. They call each other *****'s not ******'s. Yes there is a difference even in the way you say it (i've talked to a few black americans about it).

    I also agree with you about white guys trying to talk like seppos. It makes them sound like drongos. I often get told at work that i talk very 'aussie' by customers (lots of americans/canadians/european) when i serve them. I work at an IT helpdesk at the Uni and use 'aussie slang' words without even realising. It's usually just simply little stuff like Mate, G'day, No Worries, She'll be right that i don't even have to think about yet pronounce in a very aussie way.
  15. Owned as in "I own you, so pay your respects!"

    Most slang these days come from the internet, I wouldn't call 'owned/pwned/own3d' an American slang.
    Most things these days aren't american slang...
  16. There is actually a term for white people that talk like that, they are "WIGGERS".
  17. I agree wholeheartedly with the dislike of the Americanisation of our language, but, the term Owned and it's derivatives hs not a new thing, and though it is probably from america initially, it has a much deeper cultural (internet culture that is) significance.

    It comes from online gaming, primaraly from FPS's (Counterstrike, Tribes, that sort of thing) when phrases like "I am Ownz all your basses" and the like were coined.

    And this is the origional meaning. it is from capture the flag games where you have to infiltrate an oposing teams base.

    So yes it is an americanisation, but more to the point it is from the Leet dude online FPS speak dictionary, In other words... It is much worse than your averadge americanisation, it is pure trash talk.
  18. fair suck of the sav you blokes, if you wanna hear the Australian lingo spoken like a true blue Skippy the bush kangaroota, then get your arse down to flamin Tassie, all the buggers down there still sound like dead set, dyed in the wool, fair dinkum bloody Aussie's.

    English Translation: I say you chaps if you want to hear the Antipodean language spoken in its original context then I suggest you go to Tasmania as the people of that region still converse in their native tongue.
  19. Nah its earlier than that, came from even before the proper internet and games with graphics :)
    Like in the wikipedia artical, it came from computer hacking and stuff.

    Online gaming "CS kiddies" is what brought it into common language though.
  20. :LOL: