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American Chopper

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by enforcer, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. www.orangecountychoppers.com

    Receently I've been watching more and more of American Chopper on Foxtel and I just love this show...it's so funny.

    At first I was only into dirt and sports bikes (motoGP) and then Harleys (Terminator) and eventually touring bikes (Long Way Around) but now I wouldn't mind a chopper as well.

    If I only had enough cash.
  2. I've watched that show a dozen times, and in every episode the just arse around hitting each other and doing very little. At the end, a bike appears, and the tough looking family gets to ride it.

    Maybe I need to buy the DVD to actually see them working on some bikes...
  3. choppers don't do it for me at all..

    naked sports or toureers would be nice though.

    have to have a watch of Long way round at some stage..
  4. My only problem with the choppers these guys make is that they all look the same to me.

    Mind you, chopper people would say the same about sporties.

    I think chopperville would be a nice place to visit...
  5. kinda like guy with hotted up skylines etc.... once youve seen a few they all seem the same after that!
  6. I'd love a big tourer for the comfort factor, and all the low down torque. But it seems to me that a hardtail chopper with handlebars above your head would do little for my touring endeavours. I like my bikes practical - these things don't do much but look pretty and make a lot of noise. Whatever gets you off, but for $50k+ i'd want more.

    I'd like to see a show where a couple of guys make concept bikes - really unique motorcycles to address issues that matter to those who ride them, as well as look sweet.
  7. I can't stand choppers - but this show cracks me up. you DO get to see them work on bikes, the one with the NY Yankees bike was an awesome episode.

    I like the show, one of my fav episodes was the one where Paul Snr made a mini chopper for his 2 yr old grand daughter - shows the nice side to tough bikies with big mostaches.
  8. I would like them a whole lot more if they had suspension! Spine wrecking is not on my list!!!
  9. I used to watch it, but then it started getting a bit of same old, same old.

    Paulie snr yells, paulie jr skives off, and mikey does some stupid stuff.

    They've made an absolute fortune from it though.

    Since the show started, they've raised they've tripled the price of a bike produced by them.
  10. Saw a prog on Discovery where they had to build custom bikes then ride them 500 odd miles to the show. That sorts things out. The bikes had working suspension etc. One was a tribute to Rat Fink from memory. I like the other one but.
  11. There's another 3-part one called "World Biker Buildoff" which was worth watching.
  12. Yeah, that's the series Doggy was thinking of. To me it's better than American Chopper. Although I enjoy seeing the fabrication work in both shows.
  13. I like the show. I wish I had their workshop!

    I'd never buy one of their bikes though, some very bodgie stuff.

    Biker Buildoff is better. There's an Indian Larry episode worth watching.

    I find it odd when people say "I don't like choppers" or I don't like scooters" or "I don't like sports bikes".

    I like em all! Sure, there are some bad examples of all types, but I don't dislike any particular style. If it has two (or, in some cases, three) wheels and a motor I like it!! Just give me one of each!
  14. American Chopper did one episode with a sidecar. (Police theme I think.) They had the bottom rear sidecar mount attached to the SWINGARM! :shock:

    Also, it was one bike you didn't see them ride. I think with the trail of a chopper on an outfit would have made the thing un-ridable for anyone without the arms on The Incredible Hulk!! :LOL: