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American Chopper down Under

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. www.occaus.com

    Yep, the Teutuls’ will be spending 2 weeks in Austrialia from Feb 15.

    See the web site above for details.

    Make sure you're sitting down when you look at the prices of the Sydney Meet & Greet Fan session.

    Couldn't find any mention of visits to other states although I'm sure someone will invite them to Friday night coffee at Southbank :grin:
  2. :shock:

    that's VERY expensive for meet & greet!!!

    would be cool to go though
  3. $58 for anyone who can't be bothered clicking on the link.
  4. I'll grow a beard, put on a fat-suit, draw some tats on my arms in Artline marker and shake your hand for $HALF that.

    Now, who'd like to book?
  5. If they come to melbourne for friday night coffee......
    Paul senior is most welcome to stay at my place :LOL:
  6. $58 is the regular price (which is pretty good)

    I should have been specific - I was shocked at the VIP tickets price.

    over $400.
  7. Aren't they coming a bit early? The Royal Easter Show isn't till Easter :LOL:.
  8. I love these guys. Real characters.
    I just hope the high prices dont turn the whole event into a flop and rule out any future trips.
  9. If you can afford a chopped Harley then I reckon you'd have enough drug money left over to pay for a ticket or two to this...
  10. hahahahaha *above*

    I'd like to meet and greet and tell em how much their Xbox game sucks... I got 'American Chopper 2: Full throttle. and it sucks....
  11. I take great delight in being able to say I have never made a contribution in funding these dysfunctional bike builders, I think the best part of their bikes are the billet wheels and the paint jobs, which offcourse they sub out to real tradespeople, when it comes to choppers in the U.S. there are heaps better chopper builders than the OCC crew, but why bother with them anyways when we have our own home grown world class talent like Scotty’s choppers
  12. Can't argue with that...
  13. Well, someone's buying the tickets. The web site says the VIP ticket allocations have been exhausted.
  14. I enjoy the engineering side of the bike builds more than the constant arguing & stunts they keep pulling.
  15. Thing with OCC is they are just bit assemblers buying in other peoples work with a few bits they built/modded.

    I saw the Doco on Discovery. it was a classic, this guy in the outback, working in a shed bashing out his own bits, it was great.

    I liked his idea for housing the oil, but to see him, bash out flat metal to sculpt up tanks, oil pans etc was truely a talented chap.

    Cheers :cool:
  16. I watched it when it first came out and yeah, they basically bought a frame, engine, tank, wheels and fenders off someone else, bolted on some chrome and sent it "out to paint".

    But I was watching one the other day and now they seem to do most of it themselves - build the frame, fab the tank/fenders, laser cut the wheels from blanks, machine the hubs, etc. They still send it out for paint/chrome though. But none of the original guys do any of that new work.. they obviously made enough money to buy the machines and hire the guys good enough to bring it all "in house".
  17. yeah they do love to play with that flow jet, but whod'nt

    Cheers :cool:
  18. It's a shame that a true bike builder like Scotty is over looked in favour of a group of bit part bike assemblers. Scotty's choppers are the first and only Harleys that I would really like to own (when I win lotto an orders coming Scotty's way)
    They could make it really challenging ? pay Scotty to go away for a few weeks and let the OCC go to work in there workshop !
  19. You did get alot for the $400 .
    Sounds like 4-5 hours +++ day.

    Pre-event luncheon hosted by the Teutuls .

    Professional photograph with the Teutuls .

    Signed copy of the OCC book "The Tale Of The Teutuls".

    Exclusive Chopper ride lead by Paul Sr, Paulie and OCC Crew.

    VIP viewing platform at the event .

    Access to VIP Bar & Amenities after Bike Ride.

    It's on at the over flow ,and that one of our coffee night places ,see they all want to be netriders ,we should charge them. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I would of loved a ride on a chopper and get a few pictures with Paul sr and Jr and choppers next to you would be cooool ,I like the show :)