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America - Your credibility is calling

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Dec 6, 2007.

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  2. Years ago, when I went to pubs a lot more than I do now, Friday night entertainment often consisted of watching the pub's resident hard man/loony pick a fight with someone, whilst trying very hard to make sure it wasn't me.

    The whole US/Iran situation gives me a strong sense of deja vu, but the consequences are likely to be a bit more serious than someone getting a pool cue in the teeth.

    Doesn't help my peace of mind that I'm tipping the Repugs to win next year as well. Don't want 'em to, just think they will, particularly if they rum Giuliani and the Dems put up Clinton or Obama. Mind you, at least Rudi appears to have a brain and isn't from Texas.

    I just hope the US military has enough realists amongst it's senior officers for sanity, or some semblance thereof, to prevail.
  3. i'm sorry did you mention "america" and "credibility" in the same sentence?

    pffhahahahahhahahaahhahaa ahahahhahaha ahahahhahaa ahhahhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaa oh god oh deary me oho oho ohhhhhh wow.

    dude its bush :grin:
  4. +1

    He' dhave to be the biggest dead set wanker I've ever seen. He's only giving iran a hard time because his saudi investors want him too.

    the whole thing is a fcuking joke.... who has more WMD's than anyone else?? you guessed it, the pacifist nation of USA.
    How many countries are they invading or intend to invade at the mo???? I've lost count :-k
  5. Oh yeah! Hillary can crack Rudi's nuts....

  6. :rofl:

    She's still gonna lose though.
  7. Pick Iran up and throw the bastards against the wall.

    They should have been invaded before Iraq was anyway.
  8. I don't think Bush will let reality get in the way of a perfectly good scare campaign to distract voters from the fact their country is turning to shit. Besides there's not too many nationalities left they can target without risking losing votes from ethnic minorities, losing trade and/or taking on someone that might actually fight back (which'd be why they're leaving China and North Korea alone). It's interesting to see high-school politics played out on a global scale - find the weakest, most unpopular kid and start picking on them to try and mask your own inadequacies.
  9. Now i don't agree with Irans way of dealing with a lot of things. But what gives the US the right to invade them?

    All of teh sabre rattleing regarding invading is half the reason they behave as tehy do towards the world around them.
  10. haha ahhh oil. thats what.
  11. That's a daft reason to go to war.

    If people honestly believe the US spenids a Billion dollars a day controlling these countries for oil, they're sadly mistaken.
  12. not entirely... but if i was spending $1000 of your money a week to help my wage continue, wouldn't particularly concern me too much as an individual
  13. I don't get your analagy... explain further!

    Maybe it's a slow day for me!
  14. quater why do you think they went to war?
  15. The Analogy works as follows.
    The War is funded by the American tax payer.
    But a lot of Individuals and corporations are making HUGE Profits from this war.
    Look up Haliburton. Find out who is on it’s board of directors and that may give you some hints as to what is going on.
  16. I think they went for a number of reasons - but not oil. The US was getting as much oil out of Iraq before invading.

    I think it was a number of things, but I don't think that it was the private companies that lobbied for it. Lots of companies profit from a conflict, such as BSA in WW2 and whoever made defoliant in Vietnam!

    I think it was something to do with Iraq wanting to trade in the Euro rather than the US dollar. Also, goes some way to explaining why Europe didn't step in...
  17. rubbish - Bush needed to ensure that Kuwaiti and Saudi Oil still has a clean line into the USA.

    The other reason he so readily attacked Iraq was revenge. They tried to kill his old man back in 90-91
  18. Yep I have heard this from multiple sources as well.
    it is still a matter of oil, economic power and private profit.
    Nothing to do with terrorism or WMDs.
  19. Yes, but the board of directors of BSA can be safely assumed not to have been key decision makers in the invasion of Poland, the remilitarisation of the Rhineland, the Anchluss or the annexation of the Sudetenland.

    It is one thing to profit from an opportunity but quite another to create that opportunity.

    As for the trading in Euro vs USD, what else has Iraq to trade but oil?

    Most of the plausible "it's about oil" arguments centre around control of Iraq's oil, not to use it but to keep it in the ground to keep the price up. It's not about cheap petrol for the Truckster driving populace, it's about huge profits for the companies who see that $70/$80/$90 a barrel.
  20. Well... it's fairly hard to take a polictical leader seriously when he lets creationism have a free ride (and it's pretty much all down hill from there) :roll: